a look at racism, sexism, homophobia

I think we need to look at a difficult subject…
Racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia… among other subjects…

If I were to call a black man a “nigger”, is that racist?
If I call a women a “cunt”, is that sexist?
if I call any guy, “fag”, is that homophobic?
and more importantly, should I be called out for it?

Are words enough to be called racist, sexist, homophobic,
or do we need actions taken to be called racist, sexist, homophobic?

and is calling someone out for words really the right action or is
it actions that must be called out?

I for one, have never felt that words should be called out,
I feel this even though I have been insulted numerous times
by being called stupid, retard, ignorant because of my hearing loss and
I miss things hearing people take for granted…rarely have I ever
made a production about people using those words even though I have
been insulted in various nasty ways…

I have lost jobs due to ignorance of people about hearing loss and
I have been offer lower level jobs because of my hearing loss…
this I think requires actions on my part but not on words…

So let us first work with words… I call a black man, “nigger”…
should I be called out? if a public figure, like Da Fuhrer calls
a black man, “nigger” the public furor would be rather intense,
but isn’t that being political correct? Why should we call out
Da Fuhrer for calling a black man, a “nigger”? isn’t free speech
a cornerstone of American democracy? why should we call out
a public figure for using that language?

Let us look at actions, if I refuse to sell food to a black man because
he is black, a “nigger” should I be called out for it? even though,
I am a private person in a private facility, owned by me and
he entered that facility that I owned and I should be able to treat him
anyway I want because I own the facilities? is this racist? and should
I be called out? private actions taken in a private facility?

let us begin this discussion here…


Oh, Democrats lost an election, so it’s time for a ‘serious talk about bigotry’ again, just to remind everybody how ashamed of themselves they should feel for their badthink.

About this; homophobia is a made up thing the left came up with to silence dissent, and real racism has such a small influence over American politics that it’s insignificant. The racism that modern politicians are accused of is no more real than homophobia.

How about instead of this, we have a look at the left’s inability to formulate arguments for their positions anymore, and their over-reliance on calling people bigots to silence them? After all, that’s what needs to change if the DNC wants to stay relevant in 2020 (2018 being already lost).

EDIT: I take that back. The big slice of the left has a deep, abiding hatred for white people and men. So there is some bigotry with an influence on politics, after all.

K: I actually never said a word about politics or the election. I am interested in
a serious discussion about being political correct and it uses… I am sorry
you are unable to engage in that discussion…


I’d worry more about actions. People can crack nigger jokes, or whatever, and they’d be jerks, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’ve seen guys display pornographic material in the work place (which was disallowed) and I was tolerant of it because they’ve never actually mistreated women in the workplace (heck, I’ve seen women do the same). What I’d be more concerned is the relevant actions, especially in the work place. If you’re in line to get employment or promotion and the supervisor picks not based on qualifications and competencies, but on his biases then he/she is big time racist, or sexist, or whatever. This, by the way, can be observed within the same group too (favoritism), that is, based on how well you ingratiate yourself; and I see a lot of that happening (pulling up relatives/friends, bribers, etc.).

But the reverse can be observed too. At one time, my company (because of EEOC) hired a transvestite company doctor (Mrs. Doubtfire). To me, she was a gay man dressed up as a woman, and he was a nurse, really, but my company treated him like a doctor because he was all we got. The thing is, almost of all of the men/employees were afraid to go see him/her, and only did so when it was an absolute emergency, and even then, they would request to be sent to their personal physician. I personally didn’t like how she was projecting a woman (she gave me a gay man vibe, not a woman vibe so I couldn’t really have a woman-to-woman conversation with him and certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to him about my female related health issues) but I was respectful, maybe in the same way I would be respectful to a butch. So, was everybody sexist too, then, including me? These things/interactions can be uncomfortable in the workplace, but people can work around that because real discrimination is not really that clear-cut. There is also ageism (that works both ways, by the way), there is black-on-black hatred (younger black guys often hate older black authority figures) and I’ve seen whites being more subordinate to black supervisor than younger black ones. So, this discrimination can be cut many more ways. I mean, there are people who went to the same schools and produce workplace cliques just based on that (gotta help my fellow alumni attitude). Usually, if a person is biased and in position of authority, there is a good chance that he will promote/pick out those who are more similar to him. I don’t know if they justify it along the lines of workplace efficiency or commitment or whatnot but there is also discrimination in favor going on, and the criteria is not always based on sex or race.

I am making a point here, it’s just one you don’t like.

The fact is, ‘racism’ has only been a term in American politics for the past…25 years or so because of it’s power as a label. If you can find an argument- no matter how contrived- to call a person or an idea ‘racist’ (or sexist, and so on), then you eliminate them from serious consideration. The idea is thrown out, the person resigns/loses the election/whatever. That is precisely why the word ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ were invented- to capitalize on that tactic and shut down more conversations, ideas, and people before they could have influence.

However, what we’re seeing right now is that this is losing it’s power. The Tories took Britain and Brexit happened. The right nationalist parties are on the ascendence all over Western Europe, Putin enjoys great popularity within his country for being a nationalist/traditionalist (even if hes faking it), and now we have Trump. “If I can call you a racist, I win” is just losing it’s power. And it’s going to lose a lot more power as Trump has a successful presidency and the people who were insisting he would be the end of Western Civilization look more and more foolish.

Asking ‘what are racism, sexism, and homophobia really’ just amounts to asking “In what situations can I still use my shaming tactic to silence people?” Well, why use it at all? If there’s an idea you don’t like, maybe it’s time to accept that there ought to be something wrong with it other than the ability to apply one of these labels.

K: as you are edging toward a real discussion about these matter…
so under no circumstance should we call people out who has
utter such things a “nigger” or “cunt”? this is a question…
let free speech fly, no matter what is said? is that your position?


Well, it depends on the ends, right? I mean to use an extreme example, you just typed ‘nigger’ and ‘cunt’ just now, and I’m sure there’s some SJW out there extreme enough that they would give you shit for not typing ‘n-word’ and ‘c-word’ instead. I think merely saying the words is a matter of decorum. I’d be mad if you starting saying ‘nigger’ this and ‘cunt’ that in front of my mother- even if you were doing it to make some innocent point like you are here. And if you call a black man a nigger, you’re obviously being rude and inviting violence to yourself. But at the same time, words are just words, and I don’t think any genuine ill-will towards classes of people is intended the vast majority of the time they are said.

So I guess I’d say at the end of the day, the word ‘nigger’ isn’t really any worse to me than words like ‘fuck you’, ‘cocksucker’ or other expletives- most of us have an understanding of when to say them and when not to.

Do you think a person can be dismissed as racist because we caught them saying ‘nigger’ in a private conversation? I just don’t think genuine, actionable racism exists in the United States to a degree sufficient to justify all we talk about it.

K: clearly you are a white person because if you were black you would say that
genuine actionable racism does exist in the United States…
The black person who was shot by the policeman in MN was pulled over
55 times in 2 years… Now if you are pulled over 55 times in 2 years,
either you are doing something really wrong and the reports are that this
guy was a good guy or, OR there is institutional racism at work…
A congressmen Keith Ellison of Minn. says he has been pulled over dozens
of times and basically for being black…You live in DC, there must be
hundreds of blacks you can ask if they believe that there is "no genuine,
actionable, racism in the United States… I believe that you live in
denial if you believe we have no, actionable racism in the United States…

OK, let us try this, what evidence do you have for your assertion that
there is no, “genuine, actionable racism” in the United States…


None, because that’s not what I said. want to try again?


Do you think a person can be dismissed as racist because we caught them saying ‘nigger’ in a private conversation? I just don’t think genuine, actionable racism exists in the United States to a degree sufficient to justify all we talk about it."

K: ok, what exactly did you say then? If not the above…


No black person would ever state that. They may intend the basic idea, but no one would state it thus, that’s far too sterile and PC. They would state it a bit more passionately if they meant it as more than a talking point.

The bulk of the racism right now is coming from the left. I’m really hope more and more blacks snap out of the trance and assert their political freedom, form their own political parties, join coalitions of their own choosing on the larger national stage, and persecute the fuck out of guys like you who kept them down for generations.

A picture of Democrats’ conception of how liberal socialism works:

I wonder which one is Harry Reid?

Is that you Kropotkin holding the beer?

thank you for your post Turd… it reminds me that
you are mentally unbalanced…that doesn’t make me
racist or sexist or homophobic, but what does that make me?
anti mentally unbalance? against the mentally unbalance?
I’ll get back you on this… wait for my post… wait
patiently right there…


You admit to hating the mentally ill now? You think everyone who disagrees with you is mentally ill? Everyone with differences are wrong, only people like Kropotkin are right?

K: and we are off…


Your horse left decades ago. The racism the exists today is a direct result of thinkers just like you.

It is better to just drop racism all together than try to salvage it and make it politically useful like you and your sicko liberal friends do. We should of stuck to Martin Luther King’s vision than accept your racist revisions of endless, pointless race wars built on reviving old wounds, instead of moving forward on familiarity, brotherhood and common cause. Everything at this point, that the left represents is more useless racism. I’m sick and tired of it, I’m only interested in Americans in our political discourse from now on. If you don’t like it, move to dying Canada.

[quote=“Turd Ferguson”]
Your horse left decades ago. The racism the exists today is a direct result of thinkers just like you.

K: oh, this should be excellent. how does racism exist today as a direct result of thinkers like me…


This thread for starters.

The racism the last eight years, was manufactured to prop up the presidency, nobody needed it.

The protests right now in all white liberal strong holds of whites attacking police and businesses crying “black lives matter”.

A lot of people who don’t live in the bay area don’t know this- San Francisco is mostly White/Asian, except for areas like Hunters Point (Headless Point) or Treasure Island (literally a welfare community hidden away on a island). Most area blacks are forced to live in Oakland, but whenever the ideological offspring of Kropotkin decide to riot, they do so in fucking Oakland. They don’t break their own shit, they go across the bay and break the black people’s shit, in the name of black people, for black people.

They don’t want your fucking help. Every time I read the black panthers are rioting, it us always a white anarchist being photographed breaking shit.

Leave them the fuck alone, life is hard enough as it us bring a slave to the democratic party. They aren’t bring paid enough in handouts to deserve this treatment. Hope they firm their own party and sell their vote to the highest bidding coalition. Drop your racist asses like a sack of shit. Your apartheid stare in the bay area is disgusting.

Yes to the first three and either yes or no to the fourth although you should still have the freedom to say those words
I am not in favour of prohibiting or restricting language but of educating the ignorant about how harmful words can be

If a black person calls a white person a “cracker” or “cracka” is that racist?

Why is racism almost always being “discussed” in terms of white racists and black victims? There are racist blacks, racist Chinese, …