A message of Purpose

Why is it so difficult for you to understand what others say?

Please! Stick to the topic and try to give evidence or justifiactions for your vage theory and not - again and again - counter-questons, accusations and moral imperatives. Others are not fault for the content of your texts, but you are.

It is allways the same with you: no evidence, no justification, no back up, nothing but accusations, counter-questions, moral imperatives, cocksure behavior, …

If someone (you, for eaxmple) has a very vage theory and is not capable of giving evidence or justification of it, then this theory, if it is one at all, can be considered as false. Moreover, there is no single poster of this webforum who agrees to what you are trying to say.

And this is what others let them know what you will never understand: You are one of those who are cocksure (cf. Bertrand Russel: „The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.“).

We all here know what you are trying to say, but you are not capable of understanding.

Can you believe in your own position? If so, then you would admit that you believe. :astonished: :confused: :blush:

You are more a believer than the average human, because you hide your beliefs and are not aware of this fact.