a modern day question

one of the questions of existence, among many other
questions, is this question of our relationship of the one,
myself and the many, the collective, the state, the society,
the civilization…How do I fit into the state? how do I fit
into society? and just as importantly, in what role do I
fit into this collective? am I just a worker, or a producer
or a consumer? or am I something more?

the history of the last two hundred years, or since the American
revolution/ French Revolution, has been the history of the many,
of the collective…we are herded into vast collectives of
workers (factories) and we are herded into vast political parties
and into that vast collective of being “American’s”…
denying that isn’t going to change what is our reality…
our current environment is one of the many over the one…
part of the legacy of the French Revolution… and the
current economic environment that exists right now…
the conservative feeling dismay or anxiety over this state of
affairs, is trying to turn back the clock…but being conservatives,
they are fighting the wrong battle at the wrong time…

the modern day conservative in trying to stop “Modern” progress,
has turned to the culture wars as the instrument of denying or
at least delaying “progress”…the silliness of the “woke” wars
and CRT are attempts to recapture the momentum of the current
battle… but the ongoing culture wars, of 40 years and counting,
hasn’t given the conservatives the weapon they need to end/stop
the modern drive to collectivization and the state…

(this drive to end the progress of the gay and trans in America is
just an example of this culture war which isn’t even the reason
for the “problems” of America… you want to work out what is wrong
with America, that question lies within this debate of the collective
vs the individual… remember, the conservative always is fighting the last
war and not the current battle)

so the real question facing us today isn’t the fake culture wars,
but what is the relationship between the one, me and the many,
the collective?


am I a cog in the machine? yes, as are you,
the question becomes, should we accept this or
do we “react” to it… the ongoing collectivization of
human beings as been going on since the beginning of time…
now one might argue that is why “communism” lost, but
the reality is capitalism is binding us ever tighter into
a collectivism that is much harder to see and escape from…
the tyranny of the economic is harder to see
and harder to escape then the tyranny of the state/government…

escaping the tyranny of the state is easily done…
just move to another state, problem solved…
but how do we escape the tyranny of the corporation?
seeing as how corporations like Disney are worldwide…
there are likely 200 countries in the world and I’ll bet
Disney has a fingerprint in 150 of those countries…
how do we escape that?
moving to another state becomes less realistic when a corporation
has a presence in most countries/states…
and the states that Disney doesn’t have a presence in,
isn’t a country/state you would want to live in, in any case…

the tyranny that the conservative fights is the 20th
century battle of government but it isn’t the 21st
century war between the individual and the
corporation… it seems to me that to overcome
the worldwide presence of the corporation is some sort
of alliance between the state and individuals…
and in the eyes of the conservative, an unholy
union, but that is because the conservative still hasn’t
caught on to the current, modern war between the
corporation and the individual…

the conservative, still fighting the last war and not the
the current one…


So we have vast problems in the world and what is
the conservative response? Attack Mickey Mouse as part
of their failed cultural wars… nothing is said about the real
issues of overpopulation or income inequality or pollution
or the lack of resources like oil and water, nope…
according to the conservative, all the answers can
be found in banning trans rights…a culture war response,
but does nothing for the real problems in our current time
and place…

ask them what to do about the gridlock in Washington, and
the response might be, end gay rights… or put the bible
back into schools, (the bible was never in schools in the first
place, but hay, don’t let facts get in your way)

their responses doesn’t solve the very real issues facing us,
in fact, it creates new and different issues…

ask them, what about the upcoming lack of resources like
water in which the next wars will be fought for…
and they say, what about her E-mails…or
IQ45 wasn’t treated fairly… so the fuck what?
that doesn’t solve the very real issues facing us in
the future… and damming our future…the modern conservative
can’t even get past the last election… when we must face what
is the future of our country and our civilization…

ask them, what is your answer toward the fact that big
corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes?
and you will get a response about the culture wars…

seriously, ask them… or they will simply avoid the question
and attack you for whatever… there are real questions that
need real answers and the conservative party can only answer
them with deranged conspiracies theories about George Soros
or anti-vaccine nonsense… they have the wrong answers about
the very real questions facing us…or to be exact,
they have no answers at all, but only demented conspiracy
theories that don’t tell us anything…

if we liberals are wrongs, then great, tell us what your answers are,
for the many vexing problems we face in the 21st century…
but don’t expect that answer to be anything but a warmed over
conspiracy theory…


just as the founding fathers saw as a solution for a
government that must be accountable to its people,
the division of the government into three branches…
we must hold big business accountable for their actions
and the only possible place is in a court of law…
but big business with its money and power
and the very laws meant to increase their power,
has taken the law out of any possible solution to
the problem of big business…

there are two, two laws being practice in America,
one is for the wealthy and powerful, who simply
can avoid being charge by giving campaign donations
to those who are in charge of enforcing the law…
that is how IQ45 has avoided being charged up to now,
by giving campaign donations to districts attorneys,
both locally and state wide… as these people
are politicians before they are servants of the people,
they hear the call of money before they hear the call
of justice…just as members of congress take millions
of dollars to work for big business and not listen to one
word about what matter to the people they are supposed
to serve…justice has been bought and paid for, just
like the branches of government including the judicial
branch like Clarence Thomas who has been bought and sold
by big business and right wing interests…he does their
bidding, not the people’s business… but hay, that is
modern day America… where big business has bought
and sold the government wholesale…

and that means the battle to return the power to the people
is still to be fought in America and around the world…
we are facing tough times and we must begin the battle
for the soul of the world… and whining about the last
election isn’t going to win that war…


for the right wing/conservatives, the culture wars are simple
a tool to control the narrative of the state…

for the conservative is on the wrong side of history on
so many events and principles that they must change
the ground of their battle… keep the battle off of there
failed policies and idea’s…and one such nonsense like
the culture wars…and one may ask, what conservative policies
have failed? well, virtually all of them…for example, the Raygun
era policies of “just say no” the war on drugs, as lead to the
disastrous problems we see today in the modern cities…
or to say it another way, you want to end crime and poverty,
you have to give people something, jobs, hope, policies
that lift them up and not take them down further…
for example, the black population is 12% of the entire population,
but accounts for 33% of the prison population… in that number
lies part of the civics problems that exists in America…
why be proud of an America that imprisons a vast number of
minorities because they are the POOR minorities…

so why this disparity in the justice system? because of
the disparity in wealth… justice isn’t blind or equal…
wealth allows whites to escape the jail time that the poor
suffer…for example, in bail money… it is easier for a white
person to get access to bail money then a minority…
(I know some bail bondsmen and that is a fact of that industry)

income inequality leads to inequality in the justice system
and in the political system…

so the conservative will shout about the culture wars but
how does that solve the inequality problem in America?
it doesn’t and that is the point…

so why play a role in a system that treat one unequally?
that is the question facing those who are poor or minorities…
why engage in a system that has inequality built into it?
bail bonds are an example of built in inequality…
built in prejudice…

that CRT theory is correct in that prejudice and bias
is built into the political, judicial and economic system
within America…and that the only way to overcome this
bias, prejudice is to become aware of, to make it known…
and within lies the objection of the right wing to CRT…
because the right wing behind it bias and prejudice polices
of trickle-down economics and sentencing policy within the
judicial system, that are driven by right wing politics…

or perhaps said another way, the reliance of the right wing on
the “culture wars” means that they avoid any real engagement
with the problems of America… problems that are begun and
continued upon the bias and prejudice beliefs of the conservative…

for example, the continued war on the blacks ability to vote…
conservatives would be ecstatic if they could prevent all minorities
from voting and that certainly is a goal for the GOP…
their continued war on the voting rights are just one
example of the right wing attacks upon the blacks
and minorities of America… if I was a minority or black,
I certainly wouldn’t be proud of any attempt to deny me my
constitutional right to vote…or as the declaration of Independence says,

" all men/people are created equal"

then why am I prevented from voting? because in the conservative eyes,
“all men/people are not equal” and that phrase of equality, “all men are created equal”
only applies to white people…

and to avoid being held accountable for their denial of voting rights to
minorities, they shout cultural war crap to hide their culpability in
denying rights to black people…

until we have equal practices for all people, we are not a just society,
but most people don’t notice that because of the shrieking call
of the culture war issues that are meant to hide, not to “see”
the truth…


take away the cultural war issues,
and what exactly does the conservative stand for?



The battle is over religion. Nothing new. Same battle has been going on for thousands of years.

They are fighting over what Bigfoot looks like!

M: Christianity.
The battle is over religion. Nothing new. Same battle has been going on
for thousands of years. They are fighting over what Bigfoot looks like!

K: and proving my point, that conservatives are always fighting the
last war/battle. Religions are two wars ago, and as Nietzche said,

‘‘God is dead, and we have killed him’’

conservatives claim to believe, and yet every action taken by
them is to deny the values and beliefs of the bible and god…
is attacking gay rights in line with the values of the bible?
nope, is the denial of basic human rights, the values of the
bible and god? nope…

let me give you a couple of examples:

“if you really fulfil the royal law according to the scripture,
“you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well,
But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are
convicted by the law as transgressors”

Acts 17: 26

How is taken away the rights of gays and trans people,

“loving thy neighbor as yourself”
taking away rights you yourself have is showing partiality…
and thus a sin…at least according to James 2:8-9

another example,

“For god shows no partiality”

Romans 2: 11

or how about this:

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free,
there is not male and female, for you are all one in christ”
Galatians 3:28

or how about this one:

“Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness
without which no one will see the lord”

Hebrews 12:14

so please tell me how the conservative in denying rights to others,
is following the law of the bible?

no, the conservative has no more belief in god then I do,
as I am honest enough to admit it…


“Do unto others BEFORE they do it to you.” LOL

Jesus prepaid for their sins. They are making sure he gets what he paid for.

What a shame it would be if Jesus paid the ultimate price for future sins, only for nobody to sin.

…or was it that he paid for others’ past sins, and future sins weren’t paid for?

If I sin is it covered or not?

K: I have no idea… I don’t pretend to be religious like some
around here…