A musical interlude!

Rachmoninoff wrote a series of 6 pieces called “moment musicaux”… there were written as representative of each musical era.

This song is a representation of the ‘virtuoso era’


This song is super-awesome!

Another musical interlude!


Another musical interlude.


Another musical interlude.


Another musical interlude. This one has a fascinating story! So there are the Chopin etudes (etude means ‘study’ in French … anyways they’re extremely difficult to play! Then comes along a guy named Leopold Godowski who thinks Chopin studies are too EASY!!

So he writes them all for the left hand alone!! Insane!!

Here’s Chopin most famous etude as godowskis transcription …,!! This is extremely difficult to play !!!


Another musical interlude!


Another musical interlude!


Another musical interlude!


Another musical interlude.


Another musical interlude!


Another musical interlude!


omg you are such a poser. You dont listen to music like that and you’re just posting it because intellectuals associate classical music with intelligence and think that if they listen to Beethoven they’ll be smarter.

This is male ornamentation and you know damn well it’s a form of approach escalation that contributes to the five heartbreaks via consent violation.

And also this behavior is remarkably petite-bourgeois and utterly devoid of any experiential depth. You feel absolutely nothing when you listen to that stuff and you’re interest in it is completely contrived.

Dude… I can post music like this because I don’t have sex! I can’t do much ornamentation … like beating the shit out of someone or driving a loud vehicle etc… but I can post music. When it comes to classical music, I have an obsession … I’m a composer myself. I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of classical music. I have a collection of over 4000 CD’s all of them classical. (Except for a Bush album that someone gave to me as a birthday present once). I like Gavin from Bush, but then again, it’s the only album I have that has words… so I’m biased!