a n t i d e p r e s s a n t s

im so confused now…

do anti depressants actually change the way you think?
i usually dont like bringing in pesonal isses, but im not sure how else to explain it so…

…i was diagnosed with severe clinical depression a couple of years ago, i was immedeately put on sedatives/antidepressants. i felt numb–physically and mentally. they cahanged it. i felt abnormally happy and later got almost–annoying! gasp…anways they mixed and matched…increased/decreased doseages…blah blah blah…now i feel much better…i can be sad sometimes but im usually happy…

now, i have lost track. do i reeally act the way that i do due t these chemials?
do i really make descisions based on these chemicals?
it has altered my life-for the better, but it seems too good to be true…i mean, what if im delusional now?
can one truely find purpose on his own after living like a corpse for so long?

theyre obviously good at some point–i dont smoke pot, i have better friends, i work, i live, i feel needed,i do everything i should be

…but i lost my artistic talent, i lost myself…i lost that roller coaster…where i would feel so happy, so euphoric at one point, and so dead a minute later, now its more evened out…i remember everything in colors and smells, and my life was EXCITING…in one year i did so much, not necesarrily good things, but it was great, and i miss it…

at 16, i feel aged beyond reason. i feel tired, i feel like ive lived life (im not going into the things ive done for my sake) but i feel like im missing out…everytime i run into an old friend, i feel like they have more excitement…

the thing that im glad of, is that now i volunteer and dedicate most of mytime to animal rescue, and helping people…so i feel bad about regretting not being “myself”

i sometomes wonder if these meds changed my perspective…and i wonder if there was another cure…but i couldve died…but i dont want to be having “fake” emotions…

who wants to live the rest of their lives having to take some pills in the morning and before bed…and if you dont youll have a bad day…and possibly a nervous breakdown?

its sad, but these little tablets that i swallow control my life…and are a big part of it. how can this be natural?

…anyone experienced!!!

Okay, you know I have to bite on this one.

I think these anti-depressants are overused and (can be) dangerous. I have felt as though I was clinically depressed too in the past (btw most people at one time or other have some depression)… also, it runs in families. My entire family are artists and they are all manic depressive. I had a VERY dangerous reaction and ended up in the hospital for days not being able to talk or walk, so I don’t touch the stuff. I’m not trying to scare you, but you need to take this stuff seriously. I would be VERY concerned if you have lost your artistic flair. Do your research, and get several opinions fom several docs, not just one. That goes for all ailments and all medications. Some docs are pill-pushers and you would be better off with a holistic approach with herbs, yoga, and acupuncture. Look into a naturopath (sp?)I am a huge fan of yoga and centering your life through your body and mind can eliminate useless medication. Sounds hocus-pocus, but after my episode (stroke-like symptoms) I stay away from mind-numbing pills.

I do have to admit that I am substance- sensitive in most cases. If I drink, I get drunk… If I smoke grass, I get the shakes… if I take a sleeping pill, I am more zonked than most… but STILL… I would be very leary of anti-depressants. Btw, I have never been healthier, looked better, or had a better outlook. Look heavily into kicking up your endorphins as well. Get out in the air - run, skip, climb trees. Live, try new things, eat well, look into your spiritual side,and take care of yourself instead.

Yomama says so. :wink:

The pills affect certain functions in your body and that changes how you feel rather than how you think. However, if you feel differently you may start to think differently.

Here’s an example: I like to read a lot and and work on various projects, and that means that I must calmly sit. Someone starts to gives me pills with speed in them every day. I find that I can no longer sit calmly and read and so forth. Instead I run around and start doing all kinds of things. Soon, I start to think that reading and my projects are a boring waste of time.

The opposite is that I had amazing amounts of energy and some doctor gave me downers thinking that I was manic. I’m now calm and tired. Soon I believe that maybe I was manic and can’t imagine having such energy.

In normal life how we think changes our feelings. Drugs can make us feel differently and that affects our thinkng.

Anyway, most psychiatric meds are a version of heart meds that control levels of its activity. If something is given to speed the heart up the sad person may feel happy and start thinking and acting that way. The energetic angry person is given a heart downers and then they really aren’t able to get angry anymore, and so forth.

You should really read up on all of your meds including the history of their development. Why are you taking something that you know nothing about?

Anyway, it has been my experience that most mental problems have an origin on Earth, so I tend to be anti-meds. It’s a fact that most meds are supposed to be used short-term while the person works on their issues. No pill is a cure for life related issues.

ive read everything there is about the ones im on right now.

on the container it says that i cannot “drive or operate heavy machinery” while im taking it :astonished:
and the side effects are scary, but i havent gotten any of them :wink:

im afraid that once im off them, things could go back to the way they were–and id rather die of these side effects than go back :astonished:

I stay away from psychiatric drugs.

I’ve spent the last few years jumping from one drug to another, stupidly thinking that eventually I would find the answer to my “mental problem”.

I now believe that I’m fine. The doctors were wrong with all their different diagnoses. I confused myself. The placebo effect is powerful; these drugs are powerful.

Good post D.


What type are they if I may ask?

true, placebo effect is powerful, i think.
but i truely feel that in some circumstances, antidepressants can help

alderian- im on just Zoloft and Wellbutrin XL now!(igher dosage of wellbutrin than zoloft) and zoloft at night, wellbutrin in the morning

anti depressants?

fire works well…


sure… wooden tounge depressors burn easily enough…

back to your regularly scheduled conversation…


Really Zoloft (wasn’t that Flash Gordon’s scientist pal?) is a kind of downer to relax obsessive people and that’s why you take it at night. Meanwhile, Wellbutrin is an upper that used to be used to help people quit smoking and that’s why you take it in the morning. I guess that your doctor is trying to balance your sleeping and waking habits.

You must be fun to be around after a large Mexican meal as Zoloft may cause flatulence. I’m no longer depressed but now I can no longer stop farting! Ah…who gives a fuck! That’s how I imagine it anyway.

Anyhow, most of these drugs don’t cause terrible side effects that I have ever seen. However, I have noted that when some people go off the meds or become immune to them they are back at square one as they have never dealt with their problems.

You should read A Guide to Rational Living by Albert Ellis or Feeling Good by David Burns. Those books can give you some ideas about how the way you think might be causing some distress.

The reason that I say this is because recently there was a psych drug that showed itself to be fairly deadly after one is on it for ten years. This hit people in the medical field by surprise.

Hi 'Trees!

My morning Prozak seems to just give my emotions a gentle lift – just enough to keep me from thinking scuicidal thoughts. I think they work well for me.

Now my anti-psychotics change my thinking – which disturbed me at first, but after much complaining and worry and being cajoled to take my pills everyday, I have come to think the ones I have now (avoid Haldol!) do well for me too. When I take them my thoughts don’t go overboard strange.


Haldol can do some weird things to people. That’s some very strong stuff.

Humorously, I have spoken with street drug addicts that have purchased it thinking that it would get them high. After they took it their tongue forced its way out of their heads and got stuck there. The meds need to be taken with another kind of drug to stop that from happening and you can’t get high off of it anyway.

Makes for a good story though.

yeah, i know what you mean, myrealname…

i do like the fact that it keeps me a bit more “sane”…
i swear, when youve got depression, your mind somewhat resembles “Naked Lunch”…

As I recall the was a lot of farting and other unpleasant activity in that movie.

Hey, can I offer anyone a meat of the black centipede sandwich?

Well this isnt true. Zoloft is an SSRI, “Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors”. Its in the same class as Prozac, Paxil, Lexapro, Celexia. Zoloft, if anything is more of a simulatant in its effects. It caused panic attacks in me and near manic behaviour. Maybe you are thinking about benzodiazapines like Valium, Xanax and klonopin.

Anti-depressants can and do hamper creativity and numb emotions. You may find that you dont get sad about things as much anymore, even things you SHOULD feel sad about. You may also find that you dont reach very high levels of happiness or joy amnymore either.

The whole “chemical imbalance” theory is really errant. It takes a nugget of truth and runs with it.

If you see your entire family get shot and murfered then your neurochemcistry will align itself in such a way that you experience anger and sadness. When you are in love your brian chemistry aligns itself in such a way that you feel happiness. Does this mean that your problem is a chemical imbalance? No this is a result of what has happened.

Now everyone has predispositions though that are inherited genetically. One may be more prone to depression or severe anxiety or OCD behavoiours genetically than others.

All drugs have a risk/bentifit scale. One must decide if the bentifits outway the risks. Its a personal decision.

The hypocysy though is that these drugs do NOT correct a “chemicla imbalance”. First off there is no way to measure neurotransmitters in the brain. There is no test for this. Nor does science know what basline “normal” nuerotrasmitter levels are in the first place! The onyl test for neurotransmitter levels involves slicing the brain and taking samples after death and even themn the death process has skewed the results.

There are ways to raise nuerotrnsmitter leves other than taking chemical compunds. Excersize, and yoga as was mentioned, meditation, lifestyle changes, ect. ect.

Drug companies rule all. They conduct 100 tests on these new compouds and take the one or 2 results that seem favorable to them and that beat placebo and thaey stick that sucker on the market, push them to the docs and smear the older, cheaper drugs so that Docs will want to push the new, more expensive drugs. Its really getting messed up.

And Imnot at all usympathetic to the very realy nature of these disorders. I personally have “panic disorder”.

Another interesting fact is that they arent sure what schitzophrenia is. Some think its a “bnrain disease” and some do not. In the movie “A Beautiful Mind” NAsh says “The new drugs have helped me out a great deal”. This is ficitonal. In real life he was so exasperated with the drugs side feects that he stopped taking them and eventually simply got better on his own! This has been the experience of many schtizophrenics. Brian diseases dont correct themselves!

The history of anti-depressant meds are an interedting one. All Anti-depressants are chemcial cousins of LSD.

HEre is a good article about that.

Scroll down to: Fores , Eaton, T. There Are No “Chemical Imbalances”

ITs listed by doctors “Fores”, in alphabetical order. For some reason a direct link wont work. It tells how these drugs were created. Very interesting.

i meant the book…is there a movie too?
anyways, in most cases zoloft doesnt cause flatulence, so get ovwer it…

umm…i fully agree, but isnt it “unnatural” to be very very sad all othe time, or very very happy?

HEre is a good article about that.

Scroll down to: Fores , Eaton, T. There Are No “Chemical Imbalances”

um…there is no link…

anyways, thank you so much for your help, paleider :smiley:

i meant the book…is there a movie too?
anyways, in most cases zoloft doesnt cause flatulence, so get ovwer it…

umm…i fully agree, but isnt it “unnatural” to be very very sad all othe time, or very very happy?

HEre is a good article about that.

Scroll down to: Fores , Eaton, T. There Are No “Chemical Imbalances”

um…there is no link…

anyways, thank you so much for your help, paleider :smiley:

i meant the book…is there a movie too?
anyways, in most cases zoloft doesnt cause flatulence, so get ovwer it…

umm…i fully agree, but isnt it “unnatural” to be very very sad all othe time, or very very happy?

HEre is a good article about that.

Scroll down to: Fores , Eaton, T. There Are No “Chemical Imbalances”

um…there is no link…

anyways, thank you so much for your help, palerider :smiley:


Dont take the pills. I have taken pills in the past, and they have all done more harm then good.

You must cope with yourself and get over the hill. Its always easier to take the pills, but the easy solution is not always the right one.

Fight your depression with willpower, not drugs.

easier said than done