A paradox of existence.

This is an extended version of a statement i wrote in a different forum!

Any thoughts?

For an object to be considered an object, obviously it must exist as an object!
In order to exist we can say that it must have a presence in the existence. The presence is only a fact, if it`s actually there(off course).
In order to exist it must provide somekind of information about itself(witch it automaticly does if it exist)with existence, and the information that is registered by the existence, confirms that there is an object!

The paradox of existence itself is that the information concerning its existence can not be registered by anything else than the existence itself.(Because nothing else exist) And in order to register the information, it must allready exist(so it can recieve the information), but it has no existence until the information is registered, this implies that existence must allready exist in order to verify its own existence. Furthermore, confirmation is necesary for existence, and since the existence must give the information itself, you can say that existence is a result of something the existence itself provides.
That`s why existence is a “product” of itself. A paradox!


I like this.

So how would you compare a flower to the invention of a hammer in analogy?

What would your paradoxial reflection have to say about these opposite manifestations?

Ah! Easy one!
I would simply compare them by asking?
How can Postman Pat actually wear a hat?

I don’t get it.

I guess you would`t!