A ponder concerning Philosophy

We all love philosophy here. but outside - is different. our subject does not have such a good raputation. why?
Why do peple treat it (in gneral, of course) - as something which is not importrnt (“life is for living and doing, not someting to talk about”). or as a complicated intelectual jungel, in which it is difficult to make sense of anything.
Why does philosophy has such low rayting our dayes?
Is it because it is havy , complicated. or realy unimported as many think?
Or most people are not on the level of consiousnece - to be able to appreciat it?
Thank to thos who respond

Hi Gabriel,

I am almost afraid to get started here & end up ranting like a madman. I will keep it short & sour. My opinion is that almost all philosophy (especially that from the last couple of hundred years) provides little to no useful tools for helping humans live & prosper. Many of the various philosophies actually make it harder if not next too impossible to survive & enjoy life’s journey. Ideas like those of Kant & Nietzsche divorce man from him/her self & ask the believers to be all but paralyzed, incapable of moving forward in any meaningful sense.

Unfortunately a lot of genius’s suffered (& suffer) from gross psychological issues that leak into their work. All one needs to do is think thoroughly through some of the philosophies out there to see they would be impossible to apply “consistently” without severe repercussions. Oh sure many will say “I take a bit of this & a bit of that” but philosophy is supposed to represent a “system” by which we approach the rest of life, from our basic daily routines up to the farthest reaches of science. If a “system” is incorrect at its foundation the fruit it bears is rotten even though the worm holes may not be obvious on the surface. Simply put lots & lots of things –sound- good but that is as far as it goes. We should be inspired by “sounds good” but not get disillusioned when it is impractical or impossible to put a idea into everyday life. We should file these things in our wish list & push on. Philosophy needs to provide firm answers & offer clear direction not just drum up more questions/possibilities ad infinitum. Oh blahblahblah listen to me now, I said I shouldn’t get started!


Greetings Ghabriel and welcome to our humble abode,
I would tend to agree with you that most, I can’t honestly say ALL, posters at ILP like philosophy. More importantly, I know of not only my self but some others here on ILP who also love philosophy outisde or if I may, they love philosophy no matter where they are or what they do.

The reputation part is difficult to elaborate upon. I see where you are coming from, I agree, but I don’t agree. Contradiction? Well let me elaborate. Yes, as a philosopher you are naturally inquisitive and ask questions, ponder, and tend to stick your nose into others business as well as tending to appear that you are up to no good, since you are always interested in learning about everything. But, once people get to know you, it is my opinion that people build a stronger relationship with you than they ever would if you weren’t a philosopher. You would also be correct if you argued that the majority has a blind spot with which they are happy, when a philosopher comes by and begins to open their eyes they become hostile and as weird as it may sound, they act exactly as though they didn’t want to know the truth. A famous line from the movie Matrix explicates my point…Morpheus: “You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged[know the truth] and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

Ghabriel asked:

I have never met a person who understood philosophy but treated it like it was not important. My point? Those who find philosophy unimportant do not understand it. They don’t understand it because it is quite difficult to understand, in my opinion, one’s mind must be quite robust to deal with the repurcussions philosophy puts upon ones mind.

Ghabriel stated:

I’m not sure where you are getting that from. As far as I know the scientific community is linked into philosophy more so now then ever before. Furthermore, philosophy is growing in popularity in many prosperous countries of the world. The impact of a prosperous nation also means that most of its citizens have their needs met, which means people have more time on their hands, more time to think.

Putting what everybody thinks aside, what do you think of philosophy?

What’s your take?

i think its got more to do with what a friend of mine asked me:

Why cant philosophy not just go without having to mention God?

Something ive notived were im from, its much easier to find a suitable phychology course then it is to find any philosophy course.

I would agree with your friend Kesh,
I also believe philosophy would be better without any mention of God. I personally, try to engage in philosophy that doesn’t deal in God. I also take out bits and pieces of philosophers, but never anything they have to say on God. Sometimes I am completely astonished as to how intelligent grown men can come up with the ideas they do in reference to God.

What’s your take?

— Philosophy has gone from being the handmaiden of theology to being the handmaiden of science, philosophy ( i think Russell said this, in addition to others) tends to “spin” it’s discoveries out to others, a lot of the first philosophers were also theologists, mathematicians, astronomers, etc. But now these disciplines belong to others while philosophers have kept the most general, esoteric questions for themselves. Thus, at times, philosophy seems not to be needed.