A question of ignorance

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the Zionist issue and realized a few things that you would think I should know, but don’t. So since I’m not afraid to ask questions, I’m going to go right ahead with it.

Can someone please tell me what is the difference between Britain, England and the United Kingdom.

Are Wales, Scotland, And England states of the U.K.
and if so, where does Britain come into play. Is Britain interchangeable with England, or are they referring to different things. I’ve met people that say they are British and others that say they are English. Is there a difference, or is like I’m Latino and Hispanic?

And how did England go from practically owning the world to becoming equal with it’s colony? Please enlighten me.

Hey Smooth,

Great Britain = England + Scotland + Wales

United Kingdom = Great Britain + Northern Ireland

The full name is: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is its own entity and does not fall under the banner of the United Kingdom.

Britain and England are not interchangeable (see above) although people do use them incorrectly to define nationality. There was a comedy duo a while back called “Flanders and Swann” and in one of their sketches Flanders said “Whenever England does anything good the newspapers print ‘Another triumph for Great Britain’, but when England does something bad it’s ‘England loses again’.” Not sure how true that is but thought it was worth mentioning!

With regards to the empire question, I have no idea about the history of the Empire.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom is a good resource

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Well, your country had a role to play in England’s decline. Remember 1779? Of course, at the time it was considered not very important (Europe was the centre of the universe), but look how it turned out!

Ah, let’s recount the history. American revolution. That didn’t really reduce their power much. Actually, the height of the British Empire was the 19th century. It ruled the world through the seas, it’s industry (remember, the Industrial Revolution began there - the cotton ginny!) and its colonies.

During the course of the 19th century, American power was increasing, but they didn’t care much about Europe - they were worried about subjugating their own continent and south america.

However, its European rivals were increasingly gaining ground. France and Germany industrialized, using British technology. Then, in 1869 Germany finally became a country (yes, previously it had been a collection of states, loosely affiliated). Then there was the Franco-Prussian war, which saw German power solidified (they also beat the Austro-Hungarians - humilitaing everyone and estabilshing themselves as the new power in Europe).

Britain increasingly found it difficult to keep up their huge empire; meanwhile the ‘scramble for africa’ was on - with European powers rushing to gobble up all they could.

One of the main causes was WWI. Germany decided that they wanted to contest British naval dominance, the two eyed each other jealously, signed alliances with their friends, and then, bang an assasination in sarajevo, the russians came in and WWI erupted.

Following the war, Britain was left wounded but not out. They were exhausted and France was pissed. They thought they could castrate Germany and that would be the end of it.

In between the wars Britain tried to loosen their grip on the empire - they couldn’t afford it anymore. The commonwealth countries got their independence (except for India, Egypt etc.).

Bingo bango: Hitler. WWII ended the British reign, if there was any doubt before. The US came to predominance and Britain was theirs ever since.

(WOW, that was an EXTREMELY truncated version of history. I obviously didn’t do justice to many of the issues, which are all complex - so if you really care, there are lots of debates to be had. But I think that was the upshot of it all)

Thanks guys! Always a pleasure!

Here are a few more issues that I still have a little hiccup with. Like aren’t the Scottish, the Welsh (hope I spelled that right) and the Irish in Northern Ireland their own people? Don’t they want to have their own countries? And if so, are there groups in the U.K. that want to split?

In watching Braveheart yesterday, the movie ended with Mel Gibson stating that right after William Wallace’s death, Scotland was free once again under the reign of King Robert the Bruce. Now I know that Braveheart is one of the most inaccurate historical films, so I did some preliminary research to find out what happened. But I didn’t finish reading.

Another minor point is the outlook of Americans in the U.K. In Kuwait I made alot of British friends with my magic. They made such an impression in my mind of the state of the young people in the U.K. that I even thought of moving over there for a little while after I get out the Marine Corps. But even though we were friends, I heard jokes and comments that made me wonder if there is a negative outlook of all Americans over there. I love the British, their awesome. But I’ve decided to move to Australia for a year afterward.

I hope I’m not splitting several discussions on one thread but as I just try to understand the Zionist movement, I really don’t want to get ‘distracted’ with this.

??? who got killed?

Britain: The entire group of islands. A word for the geographical group there, nothing at all to do with borders and politics. Comes from the old Roman name for the area, Britannia.

United Kingdom: A united political entity consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Called the United Kingdom because it is/was all united under the English crown, whether the others liked it or not.

England: One tiny little country.

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cool that helped out too, it is sort of like my country. The island is called Hispanola, but there is Hati and the Dominican Republic on it. Pretty cool stuff. I went around today and asked a bunch of Marines if they knew what the difference between England, UK and Britain was. Nobody knew.

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Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Heir to the Austrian Throne and hated enemy of the Serbian peoples. This caused a war with the Serbians; the Russians, with their Pan-Slavism fervour, decided to protect their bretheren. Enter the Germans attacking France and Russia. Enter WWI.

On Ferdiniand:

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Hey, not really sure how people in scotland and wales feel about independence etc, but i have an extremely rough idea of the northern irish issue…

when ireland became a republic, the north of ireland stayed in the UK cos there was a majority of protestants living there. The Irish making engaging in the deals at the time figured that it was better to take the majority of ireland while they could and argue for the north at a later date. Now, people in the north are divided between wanting to be part of the republic and part of the UK since the populations of nationalists (want republic) and loyalists (want UK) is reasonably even. However the majority of NI just want peace. Negotiations have been going on for a long time and are still going on today…

I never studied history and i deliberatly left out things etc but i think the general gist of it is there… Tried my best not to offend while writing but if i did i apolagise in advance.


I remember a special on U2, the band, where they were saying for the violence to stop in NI. I guess there were or are terrorism over there as well. But I always assumed that it was problems inbetween the protestants and the Catholics.