a question on trip taking

well, been a while since i was here, but i recently have come up with a question which has in turn brought me back.

see, let’s start off with an example. Joe lives at point A. lived in point A all of his life and one day decides to get into his car and take a trip to point B. he has never been to point B. he travels to B and it seems like the trip takes a long time. after he arrives, he spends a few hours there or whatever and heads back home. the trip back to A does not seem to take as long though. it’s the exact same distance and time, but the trip just seems shorter. im sure all of you know what im talking about. so here is where my question comes in. let’s say that later on, Joe decides to move to point B (or C or D, actually i dont think this matters much) as in to live there. he settles in and now lives his new life at point B and decides to take a trip back to his original home, point A. which trip would seem like it would take longer, the trip to A or the trip back to his home at B. let us say that he has lived in point B for several years or so before taking a trip back out to A.

possibly, just so we know that there are no flaws, let’s in fact change B to C, a completely new location that he has never been to. obviously, the first few trips to C would be like he was traveling from A and would thus seem shorter than the trips back to A, but what about after that? after he gets settled in, which trip would seem like it would take longer?

this has been really bugging me for a while, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Although a trip may be the same distance, it would take longer to get there in the first place because you would always be making sure you knew where you were going - i.e. maps, directions, signs, etc. Whereas when you go back it’s shorter because you don’t take the time to go through those mundane things and instead you in fact drive faster because you feel sure about the direction in which you’re going. This even works on a much smaller scale, like a town that you’ve just moved into and don’t know your way around. Finding the local whatnot can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know exactly where it is, but once you find it, it’s always easier and faster getting there the next time around because you’re not making sure you turned on the right road wherever.

Does this help? By the way, good to see you again Vlad…

yeah, you certainly have a valid point, but to use a personal example, i never take the time to look at directions and all that stupid stuffs when i go places. i guess that yes, to an extent this does apply to me seeing as how i do worry about which turn to take, but this also applies for the trip back, because despite the fact that that area has been traveled, it has been traveled only in one direction and thus can almost be classified as an entirely different trip

still, thanks for the imput and it’s good to see you again too sage