A question

Does our being here not prove that we can grow from death? Makes sense to me.

how can we have grown from death, if we have only been born?

Exactly, and having been born, doesn’t that prove what I just asked?

I really can’t say I follow you on this one. explain…

Ok: basically, we got here once, won’t it happen again? though maybe not in the same form or in the same world? Just something to ponder, put your inner child to sleep with :smiley:

You’re playing around with a new philosophical principal, welcome aboard. The idea that if something happens once, it suggests that it will happen again is plausible. I might make a suggestion though-
Human beings are unique- that’s part of what it means to be a person, that there is no other ‘Me’ but me.
If you agree with that, might persons be exempt from the ‘if it happens once, it can happen again’ rule?

What I suggested in my idea is that we ARE unique, and exactly that is what will carry us on. Like a marble in a circle.

Well, when you say ‘not in the same form, or in the same world’, it makes me wonder what about us happening again would make it count as ‘us’.

Hmm, let me draw it out one more way. Let’s say that we are a connection between two points. Saying that we produced this once, is it not then possible that we can recreate this?

Well, then no, I guess I’d have to say that it’s not possible.

Ok then, lets say that a spark created us. Are we not that spark? There are two possibilities, two ways to look at it: either a spark created something that is us, or the spark that created us is essentially then what we are, depending on the timeline you are looking at and what your perception of time is. That’s my view on it at least. The string of possibilities may seem cliche, but I hope you can understand my viewpoint on this. Thanks for reading, the last philosophy forum (posted 4 threads in different parts, but I learned so much already here! However, I got banned for “low post quality” lol =) glad they banned me now! Enjoy

So glad you won’t get yourself banned again?

By doing what, sharing my ideas? =D> I give your reply 1 star. *

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