a real solution to the u.s's problems

complete disassembly.

throw it all out the window. put a bankrupt sign out front and run. assimilate into other countries, find ways to get food.(be creative if necessary)

shake the etch-a-sketch to erase the hideous image that exists now. and let the actual leaders among us attempt to draw a replacement

I’ve always thought that America’s problems stem from it being too big. Essentially America is 51 different countries, each with distinct cultures, ideologies and needs, albeit some will have similarities. I’m not sure if nationalism is a good thing or a bad thing, but perhaps the disintigration of America into seperate states would help? Or maybe it would just create 51 countries trying to run the world. I dunno…

Can’t argue with the logic, no US, no US problems.

The 50 divided states would kill each other with infighting. Not a good Idea.

Best Idea for now, is to stay firm to our constitution. In about 20 years, a better form of government can form where your tax dollars go where you want them, and there are fewer elected leaders.

Smaller government is key to the survivial of the United States. Putting lots of power into the hands of very few is not a good idea.

Then we should just get rid of the states too…

and move to a continent of independent counties, each with its own peculiar government reflecting its indigenous populace. Once we get the country this chopped up, no one will be able to control anything or rule anybody so mutual cooperation will become the name of the game.

Those would be smaller governments.

Whenever someone asks me this question, all I can think of is the economy. I don’t understand how our difference in ideologies and cultures really negatively effects the country as a whole. According to every single election we have ever had, apparently America has always had problems. The economy was too bad and poverty grew, or if poverty decreased it wasn’t good enough, crime went down but could be lower, etc. Some people like to allude to the argument over stem cell or gay marriage as a serious problem, I disagree. Right now, the only thing America should be looking at is the economy, every thng else just falls into place or can at least wait after that. A real solution to this problem, realize that something is wrong with some companies financially benefiting from a war thats tearing the budget apart. Social scientists, political theorist or scientist, and the government have no concrete reasons as to why the economy has taken a huge hit. Who is at fault for the credit crunch that we are being told is going to lead to a recession, is the fed doing enough and what should the American people be doing, other than spending every single dollar they have?

Yeah I think the later is more likely, can anyone say civil war?

civil war? no… it’s the communist/socialist revolution…

it’s gonna be fun…


i don’t think there will be anything left to revolt for



they would all be far too busy, lazy, or dead to revolt out of spite