A rule of thumb re "bless him/her"

I should like to announce the following rule of thumb. Whenever someone says of someone else “bless him” (or her), the person who they’re talking about should instead be put to death.

[size=75]Edit: I’m not talking about post-sneeze blessings here, although having said that, that sort of blessing sux too![/size]

I’ll bite. WTF are you driving at?

When someone induces a “bless him” off someone else, they’ve either fucked up big-time or are themself a living fuck up.

I am, of course, not using the verb “to kill” in a literal sense here :wink:

When a person sneezes their heart stops for the briefest of moments or at least that is what I am given to understand. So that is how that blessing is supposed to have been started.

I rather enjoy saying to the sneezer " Could you repeat that please" Generally they have to comply. Then they follow it up with some sort of humorous caustic or sarcastic remark that brings out good humor. :laughing:

Ah, I forgot about sneezing! I’m talking about non-sneeze-related usage of the phrase. I’ll edit the initial post accordingly.

Perhaps you are speaking of the blessings that people do to enhance gratitude?

As in: A young person assists an elderly person because the elderly person cannot do it, so the elderly person says “Bless you , Thank you so very much”

That type of Blessing?

lol, not really that one either. An example could be a simpleton who can’t read 24H clocks and who consequentially misses a 14:00 train. A bleeding heart on the platform might explain what happened to another person, and finish the story by saying “bless him”.

I’ve just realised that the people who say it are as much worthy of “death” as the objects of it, so my rule of thumb can be extended.

Oh you mean the pity blessing. The type of ego pity blessing that makes you above the person you are blessing. Like it will never be you that needs that type of blessing because you are above that idiocy.

Yep, that’s the one!

Yep, that one will come back and bite you in the rear eventually if your ego allows you to see it.

=D> :smiley:

A great series of posts, Kris. Loved it. :laughing:

Wow! The “pity blessing”. Haven’t gotten one of those in a while. Or maybe I just don’t pay enough attention. Will from now on, I can tell you. Thanks, Kris.

You are welcome but, Chimney put it together I did not, I find the pity blessing as irksome as Chimney does, having had numerous stupid attacks and provoking such blessings. One does feel like removing the other persons egocentric goodwill with a foot to the rearend of their will and blessing.

no to be a nit pick, but it started during the dark ages with the bubonic plague. A sneeze was often viewed as a symptom of the plague which was considered a death sentence.

Well, I did imply I was not sure how but, hey dead is dead. Think about it this way, everyone’s body dies of a heart attack. If your heart deliberately stops before you want it to, I would say that qualifies as it attacking you. Right? So we all die of heart attacks.

Bless me for my sexual intentions, before i get slapped again God!