A silly quiz

A silly political quiz

It’s fun because you get to see where you are on the political spectrum based on people and their policies.

I’m floating inbetween Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, and Darth Vader. Where, specifically, varies but it usually bounces between being closer to Gorbachev or Vader, with John Paul completing the isosceles triangle as a distant third.

A fairly accurate description, actually

Hi Xunzian,

I am most aptly described as boring (a nearly dead center rating). No great surprise.

If you need to split hairs I am very slightly Libertarian.

I’m right above Ghandi and sort of to the left. On Martin Luther King Jr.'s cheek.

Well, this quiz labeled me as a socialist. Big surprise.

Thanks for posting it.

Anyone know whose forehead I’m sitting on?

Bonus points to whoever can name everyone in that picture!!


Ya socialism! Well, I usually get labeled either a ‘strong democrat’ or a ‘totalitarian’ by the quiz’s standards, but let’s not get into semantics here . . .