A Song From A Bird-free Prince

Souls That Are Unsure

Soules that are unsure and cloying,
I loathe like their acclaim.
All their honors are annoying,
All their praise is self-hatred and shame.

Since I do not join their dances,
Tied to their old rope,
I’m followed by their glance’s
Sweetly poisoned envy without hope.

Let them curse me and despise
My way, let them hiss!
When the seeking of these eyes
Aims at me, it shall forever miss!

Die Frohliche Wissenschaft - Lieder Des Prinzen Vogelfrei, Nietzsche

Another one for your amusement:

Declaration Of Love

(in the course of which the poet fell into a pit)

Wonder! Does he still fly?
he soars, and yet his wings are still?
What buoys him up so high?
Whar are his gaol, his way, his will?

Timeless now and starry,
he lives at heights that life seeks to avoid;
For envy he feels sorry -
And high soar all who merely see him buoyed.

O albatross, I’m swept
Up high, by an eternal impilse spurred:
I thought of you and wept
tear upon tear - I love you, noble bird!

Fool In Despair

(for a certain posters here at ILP - merely for them to see - the fool is Nietzsche and me)

All that I wrote on table and wall
With a follish heart and foolish scrawl,
Was meant to add a little grace.

You say: “The hands of fools deface
Table and wall* - one must erase,
All he has written, all!”

I’d like to help as best as I can:
I wield a sponge, as you recall,
As critic and as waterman.

But when the cleaning up is done,
Let’s see the super-sage emit
Upon the walls sagacious shit!

  • narrenhande tisch und wande - german proverb meaning “fools hands deface tables and walls”

It is a pleasant consistency to see you here daily Uniqor… I mean that. I do read, although I say little.

In infacuation with the gay science right now…

Toward New Seas

That way is my view; I trust
In my mind and in my grip.
Without plan, into the vast
Open sea I head my ship.

All is shining, new and newer,
Upon space and time sleeps noon;
Only your eye - monstrously,
Stares at me, infinity!

Thank you v, without you I’d probably be long gone.

Last one for tonight, for Nihilists and Zarathustra:

Sils Maria*

Here I sat, waiting - not for anything -
Beyond good and evil, fancying…

Now light, now shadows, all a game,
All lake, all noon, all time without all aim.
Then, suddenly, friend, one turned into two -
And Zarathustra walked into my view.

  • a little alpine town where Nietzsche was inspired to draft the 1st volume of zarathustra