A Study on Pain

physorg.com/news/2011-04-pai … rains.html

Apparently certain (or maybe all) kinds of emotional pain elicit almost the same reaction in the brain as physical pain.

Yes that is interesting. Thumbs up for good link!

OK… So what to keep pulling this thread: What does that say about the brain then? in addition, what stance would one prepare themself to defend? If there is a mind, how would the mind react to a jab or to heartache?

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What’s interesting? Pain is pain, does that come as a surprise? Or were we expecting the study to find we have a spirit-doppleganger that suffers one hurt whilst our flesh suffers another?

Did anyone consider that they don’t call it “pain” if it doesn’t trigger the same response in the brain? :confused:
Odd as it is, even ancient people named things with the same word that felt associated.

But what about the masochist? Pain to him would be interpreted as pleasure.

Does the interpretation really matter, though? Pain is pain, whether one enjoys it or not.

And yeah, doesn’t take a genius to figure out that physical and emotional pain do the same things to the brain. Just a bit of observation.

Interpretation always matters Blurred. It could mean the difference between actually ‘seeing’ some emotional pain as nothing but our illusions and attachments and letting go of that.

This is where the mind may overrule the brain, or can.

Arc, we’re not talking about letting go of pain, we’re just talking about the sensation of it.

In other words, the ‘interpretation’ doesn’t really matter. Whether one enjoys pain or not is a secondary reaction.

When brilliance is this simple it becomes offensive.
This board had a great thinker for a while.

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Check out also this informative link about pain related to the brain: http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/en/pain/microsite/science2.html


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