A Synthetic Sex Ratio Distortion System

Stumbled on this on my surfing.

A Video for simplicity

They have found a way to kill off mosquitoes. The goal is to destroy them so that malaria does not kill as many people as it does (mosquitoes are currently the deadliest creature for humans, on the planet).

My thoughts are multifold. That this is a drastic and possibly detrimental effect. The unintended side effects could be crazy. We don’t know what actively destroying a species might do to other things beyond humans. Or even what it’ll do to humans. I don’t believe in Government conspiracies, but damned if this doesn’t look like an efficient population control… Though one with possibly far worse side effects on the controllers.

Simultaneously, I am thankful we might protect ourselves against this deadly species.

Also, damn, that’s freaking cool!!!

Again, I must thank the Environmentalists for getting Deet banned in their religious fervor. You have the blood of millions on your hands.

This is very similar to what they did with the gypsy moth decades ago. They used a virus to confuse the sexual senses of the gypsy moth so that the moths could not distinguish male from female, thus reducing the population. And of course, and as always, the method was immediately applied to humans, creating our new homo-sexual outbreak.

The idea of artificially causing more of one gender than the other is not new and has also found its way into human manipulation. Specifically chosen (or Unchosen) types of people are unwittingly infected such as to become able to produce only one gender offspring, usually female. For example, 9 out of 10 women who have gone into strip club dancing will have only female children.

Welcome to the Wonderful New World Odor.