A theory of alienation

Here is a very rough outline of my theory of alienation:

Man suffers from a problem of alienation. Man is alienated from God, from self, from fellows, and from nature, and hence experiences dysfunction as it pertains to each of these areas.

Our alienation from God leads to theocidal tendencies manifest in atheism, idolatry, etc. This form of alienation unhinges us not only from God, but also from self, from our fellows, and from nature by virtue of a kind of domino effect.

Our alienation from ourselves leads to suicidal tendencies manifest in self-loathing (depression, suicidal ideations, Dissociative disorders, etc.), Self-harm (substance abuse, “cutting”, etc.). Additionally, when one is alienated from oneself and hence cannot have a right perception or valuation of self, one begins to twist ones value of self toward others, be they associates (i.e. persons whom one seek approval from so as to bolster a positive sense of self) or objects (i.e. material objects by which one measures their own worth). The first results in unhealthy relationships that can manifest in things like abusive romances, and gang or cult membership (also a by-product of alienation from God.). The second results in an unhealthy valuation of material goods that can manifest in coveting to the point of financial ruin or even criminality.

Our alienation from our fellows leads to homicidal tendencies manifest in harassment, assault, torture, war, etc. This form of alienation becomes aggravated when combined with an alienation from self that results in unhealthy associations (e.g. harming our fellows for associates approval) or inordinate valuation of material objects (e.g. harming our fellows in order to gain objects).

Our alienation from nature leads to ecocidal tendencies manifest in pollution, deforestation, etc. This form of alienation becomes aggravated when combined with an alienation from self that results in inordinate valuation of material objects.

Very brief, very rough, and open for feedback.


What about human nature? I look to the evolutionary sciences for this.

Alienation happens. People are different, so they don’t always have friends, if they do, then they don’t understand them. Plus thinking or philosophy distances from the average person. Yankees don’t conglomerate with “different” people.

It’s a lack of understanding, the more conscious we are, the bigger the gap. Words don’t mean nothin. You can’t make anyone else understand. You can’t control the universe. It’s seems to be a trap of subjectivism.

Man has been alienated since his beginning.