A thread to just socialize kick back and not care about anyt

Who wants to start a conversation?

How about; Yea! Summer is almost here I can be warm again. Are you looking forward to warmth? See I am a born and raised desert rat anything below 70 and I am freezing.

I do enjoy summer time. I like to go biking and hiking through just about any wilderness.

I like finding a nice shade under a tree amongst the wilderness writing my books as often many times nature is the supreme teacher of my perception.

whats the point of caring so much for the environment?

It gives the hopeless something to hope for. And it’s the hip new political correct thing to do if you’re a liberal pansy.

how do you feel about women who cut their hair super short a la Audrey Hepburn?

Im just wondering what good it does to plant a tree for your tomorrow and such.

Are you a conservative republican?

I dated a bald asian chick once. It was all good. And planting things can be good, as long as you can smoke them eventually.

what does that have to do with anything?

Audrey Hepburn had short hair, I dated a bald chick. Short hair is ok.
Planting things, like a tree for tomorrow is good, if it’s a marijuana tree.
I’m non-partisan but think that a good balance between individual vs. state liberty is necessary and that law should be inspired by a proper morality. (To grossly oversimplify.)

wh do you like marijuana?

Because it dulls my senses just enough to allow me to function without throwing my life off course by turning me into a severe addict.

why do u want your senses dulled?

You know that feeling you have when you wake up and the light is shining too bright in your face? I feel like that all the time.

so youre depressed?

I don’t think so. My thoughts aren’t negative, I’m very happy with my current circumstances, I’m accomplishing things that I’ve set out to do. It’s more like I can’t get anything done with all that sun in my eyes. Too much sensory input. I’m like an overstimulated infant.

I think that’s a disease or a disorder…some kind of medical condition. I think there’s medication for that.

Weed works fine. It’s well tested, consistent, and I don’t have to go to a doctor and pay a pharmacist to package it for me. I have ethical disagreements with the state of medicine and prescriptions as it exists currently.

We only have one earth and it is the creation that substains us for starters.