A Unity Party Platform: taking a step toward a middle.

George Washington cautioned the nation in his farewell address regarding partisan politics. This was tested once before with a division between north and south, today the division is one of left and right, a division all the same, but why? What are the issues that divide us so, and with what issues are we not so divided.

Let’s face it… is anyone fond of the choice in leadership either party has provided? Honestly?

By the way, the idea of a 2nd civil war has been suggested recently as a distinct possibility.

How possible is that possibility?

Yeah, I heard that. Not likely.

Take a look at the election of 1864 and what happened among party politics.
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Abolitionism: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abolitionism as an idea has been around a while.

Just what are the issues at play today? Let’s talk about the ideas the issues represent.

Keep it civil, we are a nation among many of earth’s citizens.

Cool thinking out there if you could or have ventured.

So issues. For me, number one, is realized potential. That sort of crosses all kinds of lines, but there is simply that issue, individual realized potential. As a correlative is the notion of who benefits and to what degree. But the focus is on individual potential.

For every one on one side there is another on the other side.

I’m trying to imagine what Trumps potential really is… Is he living up to the potential of what he can be? One might be so curious as to ask what is standing in his way,

What stands in the way of anyone’s potential?

Party politics aside can we agree that human potential is all we have…

Federalism was the first issue we faced, The notion of the role of a strong federal government. On this Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed.

A republic would allow the people to decide, party politics not withstanding.

I can always count on my cat to jump into that box.

A nations governmental size should be a function of the issues it is called upon to address. Argue that.

What is big or small relatively