A very short idea about love

It being very short, it seemed small and insignificant in one of the philosophy forums so I put it here in Mundane Babble, the Island of Misfit Threads.

The love I have for my friends, my family, a special girl, or whomever, is no more or less powerful than the love I have for any other category of person in my life, but that they are rather different kind of love. That I do not love the quote unquote “love of my life” any more than my parents, for example, but that I would do different things for them or react different ways to them.

Any critiques of this view?

Are you confusing love with relationships? i.e. relationship roles?

I don’t think you can compare different types of relationships with each other and hope to get a meaningful answer?

Mmm, I like the unified way you see love. Buddhism brings this kind of all-encompassing unconditional love the forefront of living. It seems to be the way you look at it too.

I think human beings are capable of experiencing and giving complete love - emphasis on CAPABLE - yet most of us dont do this all the time, and tend to limit it then to those we feel affection towards (great people who have demonstrated unconditional love may include Mother Theresa, Jesus, Siddartha, Ghandi). You can give complete love to anyone and everyone and everything. Love is that energy that you generate within yourself, so whatever form it comes out it doesnt change its quality.

Its not the action, but the intention behind that action that counts. Like when you yell at your son- compare: you yell at him to stay away from the railway becaue its dangerouse, out of love; you yell at him to stay away from the railway because he`s strayed away from you, out of anger.


I agree CI