A Woman is a Man's Property

Others are also a logically stable dictatorship, but not in this case! Monarchy has not had a bad run in the last 200 years, and the most governments which called themselves monarchies, were not really monarchies. Is the British monarchy really a monarchy? No!

It is a question of time (age, epoch, zeitgeist etc.), space (landscape, region etc.), and people of this time and space, whether anarchies can be replaced by monarchies or not. Anarchy can also be replaced by oligarchy or democracy, but in almost the best case it is replaced by monarchy because anarchy is - as well as chaos - the opposite to order, and after many, many years of chaos the people want order.

The “best” for the actual rulers is to wait until the western world and probably even the whole world will be absolutely delivered to anarchy.

There is no problem with the logic, and many philosophers have written about the forms of government and their historical return, e.g.: Aristoteles, Polybios, Poseidonios, Ibn Chaldun, G. Vico, Karl Friedrich Vollgraff, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Oswald A. G. Spengler, to name only the most important.