Werewolf or vampire?

  • The werewolf would become a vampire.
  • The vampire would become a werewolf.
  • Both.
  • Neither, the werewolf would just kill the vampire.
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Would a werewolf bitten by a vampire become a vampire?

Or would the vampire become a werewolf for ingesting its blood?

Both. Almost. Technically, the werewolf would become a vampire zombie, and the vampire would become a werewolf zombie.

See “Werewolf and Vampire Mutants” by Tom Braider (was actually a ghostwriter - for a ghost) - Chapter Seven - The Bitten, The Smitten and The Kitten (cat lovers should avoid this chapter).

Reminds me of a Dungeons and Dragons monster I designed back in the day.
(It never saw the light of day.)

Vampires are dead, so I’m not sure that they could catch anything.

There are both contagious and non-contagious forms of vamparism, which always have to do with the energy processing systems/protocols of the body.

Werewolfism is not contagious, it is either an inborn or an aquired metaphysical splice with a wolf-spirit.

In most films, like American Werewolf in London, and lots of others, being bitten by a werewolf is how you get it. The dog creature that they become is alive as is the human they change back into.

A Vampire is a corpse that is animated by some force, such as evil.

It’s a trick question. Vampires’ teeth aren’t made of silver, so they could never penetrate a werewolf’s flesh.

Its pretty obvious to me that the werewolf would become a vampire. The werewolf is an unfortunate mutation, vampires are just badass.

Think about it…would you rather be Michael Landon or Wesley Snipes? (in a fight)

Depends on who’s movie it occured in.

I wasn’t talking about myths or pop-culture.

How can it be a corpse if it is animate? Breathing? Heart beat? etc…

And I am sure about DarkLiches.

Some lesser pranic vampires have inverted biomagnetic polarities, and such in instead of repel bioenergy, especially emotional energy, as emotional energy is largely biomagnetic/auric.

I consider that to be an exagoration.

If you touch an animal, and you feel its essence, you can take that into yourself and change yourself, to become more like that animal.

Dogs have always been “mans best friend”, and they’ve had a place in civlization. When the dog is in trouble who does it go to? Maybe it may run to its master. Suppose that, upon its death, it’s last thought and will is to be with its master/owner? Then, it’s emotional and mental and metaphysical energies would have possably entered into the human body during the moment of death which the dog had.

But, between all breeds of dog there is a single Totem:
The wolf, or wild-dog, which all other breeds came from.

As all different breeds of dogs have been befriended by humans, and some of their essence has entered deeply into some human bodies, eventually, a little bit of each breed hath renewed the complete, original essence. For some people, this wolf-side becomes a part of themself. They have taken in a spiritual symbain force into their bodies, and feel in the backs of their consciousness, something wolf-like.

Werewolves are spiritual, not physical.

the vampire would need a map to effect the wherewolf…


It would become a human with a permanent Mullet haircut that listens only to Michael Jackson

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Another Marty Feldman fan, huh? Next to Blazing Saddles. the second best of the bunch…

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You seem to have your own special insight on the matter Dan~!


Dan~'s Canadian, Mr P.

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it would depend directly on what world it is baised on, and what the creater of the world would want to happen.


You mean he’s from the 51st state? Joking!!! Kidding!!! All in fun!!!

Are you trying to say that Canada is the vampire to the Us werewolf?