Ability to reason

I know the our ability to reason makes us unique in the animal world. This ability has increased our intelligence and therefore has put mankind at the top of the species ladder on the planet.

My question is this…is mans ability to reason purley physiological by evolution? or do you think that we were given this power by another source…eg god…aliens…etc

Intersting question, yess…

Th response is…
why the question?

Does it matter?
Aliens, god,

tomato. to-mah-toe

physiological phenomena would still need to be interpreted as a product of some metaphysical scheme which relates to matters “God”, etc, tru?

Since we are not the only species on this planet with the capacity to reason (chimps can do it for example), I think we can exclude the notion of our so called ‘special’ ability to have been given to us (for no apparent reason) by an independent outside source.

I think we can safely conclude that Darwin was right and that our ability to reason is directly linked to the size of our brains.

Yep, I also believe it wasn’t given by gods. But it’s fun to pretend like it was. Isn’t it?

We are completely alone in the universe for no reason . Our ability to reason is only the by product of evolutionary psychology . Your alone , and your life is meaningless , you mean nothing essentially . There are no aliens . If there were , who,s got the time to bother about them , pursue them , these enigmatic aliens ? They have had plenty opportunity to come here and tell us all about it , but never have , because they,re not there . Arguing anything else is a denial of this reality .

You will live , then die , and your life will have amounted to nothing , even if you recieve accolades , they will be forgotten about when the world finally ends and no trace of humanity is found . We know the world will expire , its a matter of time , the sun will explode , the planet will not go on forever . In the greater scheme of things you are irrelevant . Accept it and move on

He’s such a sourpuss.

Why ?


Wow, what a load of bullshit. Just because you’re atheist doesn’t mean you reject teleology. A common misconception to end all common misconceptions!