Abnormal powers (poem)

Abnormal power

Unless there are no inks, fingers may be pens

Even cups are wintry, drunks could drank

Fans are white but feathers are blue

Gold is heavy but truths are from soft lips

Heroes have draw back but they are unaltered

Wisdoms are from imposters but achievements are nice

Trickery men swear for once while other swear on each occasions

Lies have values but stratagems bleeding with bloods

Toes are short but thumbs are large

Hands have shapes but foots could move like palms

Eccentricity acquire abnormal powers

Heterodoxy is near to atypical life

Offbeat is clearer than sonorous voices

Scrunch glasses can be forced into concretes

Crunch numbers are only abstractions and logic in minds

Gleams from eyes arouse the interest of stars

Ear can hear even some one had chopped it off

Some animism could sense magnet of our earth

Tiny bats are as clever as cunning foxes

Abnormal dotty might be specialize

For some bounces there are special dividend that followed

Ocean s continental figures but mountain s huge green oceans

Batsmen fast wrists and wrestler s strong tendons

The fourth dimension imply our true techniques

For heats of the flames the most vigorous are colorless

Silences are sorrows always deeper in words than traumas

Sonorous natures are too steaming hot like ant in pans

By cheung shun sang



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Interesting poem.

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