abortion as a means of avoiding suffering

I used to be strongly AGAINST abortion, very strongly against it, indeed!
However based on my experience of life (including seeing others “live”) I now see that abortion is EXTREMELY useful… Is it even possible to name ALL the ways in which abortion is a useful thing, a ‘good’ thing?
For example, a prostitute that uses heroin every day of her life, gets pregnant… She has no idea who the father is!
Surely it would be ‘kinder’ to prevent the birth of this child… Who can honestly say: “I have never thought that it would be easier/‘better’ if I had never been born”? Who has never said: “I wish I had never been born”? Life, it seems to me, is being in pain (of one kind or another), for a few decades…and if your ‘lucky’ you’ll end up having your nappies (‘diapers’) changed by someone who is DISGUSTED by the old folk they work with.
I have two young children- have I and their mother not sentenced them to death? How could we begin to make this up to them? Can it be atoned for?
Don’t get me wrong, life is full of beauty… But a human is ALWAYS suffering… People tend to be good at deceiving themselves, tricking themselves into, genuinely, believing that they are not suffering… Admit the fucking truth (as far as our primitive minds can tell, anyway), life, although it has some lovely, happy, enjoyable, beautiful elements, is, on the whole, TORTURE!!!

Did LifeIsSuffering.com break up and all the forum members came here? There have so many threads like this recently.

I don’t know what “LifeisSuffering.com” is.
Do you disagree with the ideas in the OP?

It was discussed in this thread:

Yes, I disagree.

Thanks for the link.

It may have been on the other thread, but I assume the anti-life group should be utterly pro-abortion, not simply a right, but what should be done in all cases of pregnancy of any living creature. If humans were moral, homosapiens and all other animals would be eradicated in one generation.

Egads! I am pro choice on abortion, I think that getting a license to be a parent is not a bad idea but, daaamn that takes it waaay too far. Life is not torture and this is a person that has gone to hell and back many times since birth, born sickly, a sometimes very abusive mother, raped once, two other times attempted rape and being physically beaten(one guy probably cant reproduce), almost killed a number of times, wounded physically constantly hurt mentally all the time. I live with compresed spinal discs and arthritis, allergies aaanndd I live with ny dearest friend, my husband , I have people that love me and people that like me. Everyday I have kneebuckling pain but, I laugh and love and learn. I am glad I have this hell ridden life. Its not torture, its growth.

Well said Kriswest.

I hate whiners.

Human life is immeasurably valuable.
Also, like i said, life is full of beautiful, intriguing things.

However, in certain circumstances, ‘‘abortion’’ seems to be the ‘kindest’ option.

I am NOT ‘‘anti-life’’, but I think people are always suffering… Why some people dont admit that they are suffering, is something i dont really understand.

Dude, if you get a wound do you go around telling people about it?

The ‘‘wounds’’ i have had in the past (since ive been an adult, anyway) i have kept to myself, for the main.
You seem to be saying: ‘‘i agree we are all suffering, but ssshhh, dont say it out loud’’.

Nope, not at all, just saying there are reasons for not talking about suffering, good reasons. Why do yo not run around telling everyone about your wounds?

Must agree with OP, those who are anti abortion are often religious, fanatical and kukus.

This is so incredibly retarded, no offense to you dan25. I’ve seen many people say that.

is immeasurably valuable. Why ? Because you’re alive and the alternative, pain and suffering, is awful.

But to say that life is valuable is to imply that death is worst or less valuable. Death however, is not experience and therefor a comparison of that kind, simply can’t be made.


Yeah I don’t talk about that stuff, even though I was raped at birth, flagellated by the midwife, had my nuts burnt off by a Buddhist monk, and was crucified upside down in my teens like St John, I hate to mention also I was beaten to death with a brick by my father after he got drunk on skrimshaw. It just seems like I am complaining about things that everyone goes through. Toughen up young Padewan.

So you repeatedly say…

A cup that exists is valuable. It becomes less valuable when it is destroyed.




I agree with the original poster.

In the last two hundred years the world population has gone from 1 Billion individuals to over 7 Billion.

This is beyond an explosion.

We cannot sustain human life on this earth at this rate.

Perhaps science is mankind’s Achile’s heel?[/size]




I agree, phyllo.