My lady is pregnant, but she wants to get an abortion because she doesn’t think me and her are going to work out. Right now i feel like if she would abort the baby i would kill myself. what makes matters worse is i recently got laid off work. any helpful suggestions would help right now :cry:

Why are you so upset about her aborting the baby

Hes Upset because abortion is murder.

So you are trying to guilt her into having a baby she doesn’t want and you have no way of supporting.

Why not give the baby up for adoption? There are plently of people out there that cant have a baby but want one. Why not give it to them?

zak wrote, "Why not give the baby up for adoption? There are plently of people out there that cant have a baby but want one. Why not give it to them?

…I feel your pain, Suwat, but, in perhaps the greatest double standards in the history of mankind, men have no say in what women do to their unborn children. Now, I’m a supporter of a woman’s right to choose - at the same time, I’d like to be granted some “unofficial” say-so. So I, individually, have chosen a woman who does indeed feel that I have a right to an opinion in the matter. This was something we discussed long before it got serious.

Maybe it just makes me feel better that she would give me a chance to voice what I think about the situation, because ultimately, most women will do what they feel is right for them regardless of what anyone says, as long as they can find a way to get the job done. This is simultaneously the most respectable and downright annoying quality of so many women!!!

I agree. I think men should have just as much say as women. I truly feel sorry for men in this matter. My cousin got his girlfriend pregnant and she wanted to have an abortion. He wanted the baby so bad, he is a lawyer so he could have raised it on his own, and he wanted to. But she wouldn’t budge on the issue. There should be a law for men and thier right to thier own children. That’s pretty damn sad that there isn’t in my opinion. Being a mother of two boys, I hope such a law is enforced.
Although I am so totally unfeminist. The feminism movement is unnatural to me. Im not saying to others it isnt, but personally, I like men to be men and women to be women. There are a lot of ball busting she-men in the world these days.


I of course don’t know what goes on between the two of you. But, seeing what you wrote perhaps you should be happy that’s she’s aborting. Since she thinks that the two of you are not going to work out. You wouldn’t wanna be stuck with having to pay support a couple of months down the line when you perhaps feel very differently.

Try to relax. Babies aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. You can’t really control/change your lady so I would forget about that and focus on enjoying eachother. If you handle this right, this could bring you and your woman closer together.

Stay true to yourself !

My spidey sense tells me this is an elaborate joke.