About Opening a thread on subject DREAM

Can some one start a Natural Science thread on “DREAMS”. Don’t know if theard on ‘DREAMS’ already exists or not.

Supportive content:

1.Is 3-D dream possible, instead of 2-D.

When you feel like falling down , some kind of sense really do happen, that it’s 3-d.

2.Dreams effect on real time body , which is out of dream world.

Important effect is of taste that remains so real even after waking up which was tasted in dreams .
having sweat and also Night fall with sexual content in dream.

3.Decision making ability about a subject within a dream , while being within a dream.

For example., If dreamer’s personality within dream appears to be very cautious on particular subject , there is a chance that person will be able take control over the dream and start to make decision within a dream, instead of letting the dream flow as it wants to, with out waking out of dream.Yes it is possible.No scientific proof to provide here.Don’t mind.

4.Order of person.

What order usually one can see themselves while being in dream.As first person , the close up view about the happening in front of person, feels like watching it in front of screen.
As second person, where appearance of own face is always so different and dreamer is on screen.

As third person, which is not sure about this way but it’s people’s guess . If some one portrays some kind of emotion for dreamer,It is said that , it’s actually dreamer’s real emotion in real life towards the person who is portraying in dream.

In a dream where dreamer is thinking about the past happenings, which is also like dream within a dream.

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