About philosophyforums.com

They are quite into banning there, and some of the banned came to join this forum. And the difference between philopsophyforums.com and this forum is that the communication over there is quite more serious (and dull). Now we all can read there are some odd people over here, and I wonder who joined here after being banned from philosophforums.com.

I shall start with a few names;
Pinnacle of Reason

I must say these are quite different characters which flavors this forum :slight_smile: .

i actually started here and organized my selflessness-meta-byproduct and brave new world sociology ideas and unleashed them all upon their book-bound sheep brains. it took one single day to get banned.

i couldnt stand reading their huge repetitive threads. and there was pretty much never anything funny or interesting. jerks.

While I admit, Paul seems to ban far too often, and does so at the drop of a hat, I confess…I probably deserved my banishment. I was young and inexperienced in the common behavors that are practiced in online-forums…combine that with Paul impatience, and Boom!..I’m banned.

I feel I have changed significantly for the better over here at ILP since then. :slight_smile: