About posting my reincarnation related principle

I have come to know a principle base for reincarnation and I have written a
book on it Asian language. In short for reader convenience, I
written this in an article. I would like to discussions are made on this
topic in this world.

There is no any base for reincarnation until now. Therefore, in this
world all truth-accepting people are, not accepting reincarnation.

This article is in philosophical way.  Therefore I have searched for philosophy related 

Magazines. But I hadn’t found. Therefore to make this theory public I have created a blog named ‘ baseforreincarnation.blogspot.com ’ ( I have thought to post it in discussion forums also) . Recently I have seen some magazine. But I have not got response.

What is your opinion, Do I wait for Magazine’s response or I post it in forum and blog?

Do I post this article in all philosophy related forums ?

Namaste, May I suggest hiring an interpreter before you try to publish your article? Have the article translated by a professional; a good translation is much easier to ‘sell’ than one done with an internet translation program. Then I’d re-send it to whatever magazines you find. But, in the US, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to cover the cost to return your submitted work to you as well as any comments an editor may have.

Are you trying to say no one had a sound reason to believe in reincarnation until you wrote this paper?
Like all the Hindu gurus were just guessing? (for example)

NO, I was not said as you understood. It is for those who now also not believing reincarnation.

There is a base of HIndu and buddist literature and it had believed by only a mans past memories.

My article is for all theist, atheist …

I’m good at interpreting so called “bad” english. I would like to read your theory, And I assure you I will discuss it.


In shortly I make it public and that link will attach to the forums which I know.

Good just post here when you have it attached and that will be sure to remind me to read it.

Dear friends

Thanks for waiting. It is over. As I promised to you now I posted my theory on blog.

From this theory you know before birth also you had existed and after death also you will have existed.

This theory gives a proof for God existence. After reading it anyone, will not able to say God has not existed.

If you have pdf then go to www.baseforreincarnation.wordpress.com

Abstract, I have posted my theory

I will look at it.