About quantum impulse h and h*.

About quantum impulse h and h*.
Quantum particle has two (2) kinds of different impulses: (h) and (h*).
Quantum of light having impulse (h) travelling in a straight line with
constant speed c=1 has infinite wavelength it means its frequencies
aren’t limited.
Quantum of light having impulse ( h*= h / 2pi ) will go in a curved path
( rotate around its axle / diameter ) and its speed will be more than constant (c >1) .
In this movement quantum of light has limited specific frequencies.
From the point of Earth gravity reference frame c=1 is maximal.
From the point of Vacuum’s reference frame c=1 is minimal.
( Tachyon theory )
Frequency belongs to quantum particle with some geometrical form.
Maybe: point, string, loop, triangle , cone , cube, . . . . . . .
To know what quantum of light is ( and its h and h* ) we need to know
its geometrical form. Quantum particle without geometrical form
is an abstract creation.
In 1900 Planck’s wrote quantum of action as: h=E/t
(it means: there must be (phenomenologically must be ) some quantum action)
In 1905 Einstein wrote quantum of action as: h=kb.
(it means: there is (exactly there is ) quantum of action)
Planck’s constant (h, h*) belongs to the smallest and fundamental
particle of Nature: quantum of light. And Einstein wrote:
“All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer
to the answer to the question, ‘What are light quanta?’
Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows it,
but he is mistaken.”
( Albert Einstein, 1954 )

All “quantum entities” are merely statistical, mathematical abstractions. None of them are physically real entities.

There are no “real entities”: it is all simply information, signals, events, interactions, “Information Relationships”, in essence ABSTRACTIONS always. What makes anything real is in effect only the “Pain Pleasure circuits” our neuronic system is capable of decoding, and even this is totally arbitrary and arbitrarily “designed” by that huge fluke, statistical, iffy and totally random and chaotic process called “Natural Evolution”.

And actually the very laws of physics as crystallized by this particular universe have no further necessity then they simply being what they are, just a random selection of rules that popped up out of nowhere and nothing and probably destined to disappear again into nowhere and nothing.

Like a blank page, like a piece of white paper where you are free to scribble anything you want, well that scribble is the “Laws of Physics” which appear to us so solid, “fundamental”, so necessary, so deep or spiritual or important: nothing further from the truth, they are just a random scribble, a random choice made according to nothing and nobody and no further reasons then they being just anything that they could have ever been: and in fact there are trillions of other possible laws of physics, universes, worlds, interaction sets, signals and signal sets, Observers observing and interacting arbitrarly in any possible way at all with information… and especially it is completely irrelavant if they exist or are true or are real as even the concepts of existence, truth and real are arbitrary scribbles and quirks, with no further substance to them then what we assign them to have.

Yeah there is no terrain, only maps of it. :icon-rolleyes:

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.
If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you,
you haven’t understood it yet.”
/ ― Niels Bohr /