Why are things created? Why do things come into existence only to go out again? Why do we wish to survive whenever we will inevitably end?

Why does anything more than ‘nothing’ exist in the universe? Why does the universe exist? What desire does it satisfy? Whose desire? Logically speaking, it would be most efficient for nothing to exist.

why not?


That was the question. You tell me.

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Anyone wanna step up to the plate?

Existence simply is. If it were not than this conversation would not be possible.

  1. You have a thought (or there is a thought you are aware of if you don’t like the cogito)
  2. The thought exists.
  3. Therefore, there is existence rather than nothingness.

Why? No idea. But it is the first fundamental law of reality that it exists.

I give up modestlysublime. Tell us the answer!!


well seems to me, there IS a God, and He made it so. Cool! gg.

Existence has always existed, because it seems nothingness cannot spawn something. There is no why.

You have only restated the question.

I don’t know, sorry.


But… why?

I’m going to restate the question simpler, this will be a line of questioning (thank you, Socrates):

Why is anything created?

Honestly the question makes no sense. There is no outside purpose to existence itself - it doesn’t make any sense to speak of one. There might be a purpose to our reality or the universe - if say you believe in God.
But God himself must be part of existence - or that is must exist in this possible theistic universe, and there can be no general purpose to the outer most system of reality, whether that be God, or just the truest form of reality. That Being/object or collection of objects has no “why”, only that it is.

Clarify “created”? “Created” presupposes that something is doing the creating. What if nothing is doing the creating. What if all that exists, has always exists in some form, and that’s all there is. After-all it seems impossible that a thing can be created from nothingness. All things in reality (not necessarily in our perceived universe) have always existed - logically speaking.

Why presumes that the universe has meaning, and that it is not mere mechanical chaos (which would only ask ‘how’). The why leads us to any number of assumption as to some guiding force (be it God, Geist, etc.) which is leading the universe somewhere. Given that the why implies a force outside of the ‘how’ in order to necessaitate itself, it would be whatever is implied (as you understand it) by asking why.

As for me: God did it. Have a problem? Blame God. Why? I think it would be rediculous to try and understand God’s motivations, or to even ascribe God the human psyche in that he would require cognitive motivations to do something such as create the universe.

Are they created? Or has everything always been around but is always changing?

Same answer. Everything is always changing and moving. The universe is in motion. Motion IS change.

In what way do we end?
In terms of your human lifetime, some don’t want to live.
Others, who are “happy”, like me, don’t want our lives, as we know them, to end. :wink:

The ideas of anything and nothing, zero and infinity, are at the heart of “the big questions”.

Are you asking, Why does anything exist?
I don’t know if it is possible that there is a single cause for everything.

Efficient for what?

Strong breakdown Bane. Modestly has much refining to do.

This question is meaningless without context.
If you ask why a watch is created I’ll say to tell time. If you ask why a car is created I’ll say to travel from point A to point B. Can we answer that question in anything other than functional terms? If not, could you be satisfied that that’s the only type of knowledge that we can have that’s relevant to your question at all?