Absurdism-different from Existentialism?

How does Absurdism differ from Existentialism?

Is this a homework assignment? I mean, I think that some people will probably shun you for this if it is, but if you at least introduce yourself and stop treating us like a philosophy encyclopedia, you might get a decent answer from someone. I believe there are some Camus fans lurking around here someplace.

  • they could easily get the answer online, what with all the online encyclopedias out there n,all - when one is in employment, one will be expected to quickly research many topics, so there’s no time like the present to start honing your research techniques… :stuck_out_tongue:

Google google google, people [-X

not in belief, but in mood. If you think it’s kinda cool to dress in dark colors, be somber and talk seriously - and life has no meaning - then definitely go to the existentialist orientation course. But if fish drive your golf cart, damn well choose the other one.

absurd smiles at existentialist dread


Dread smiles at absurd existentialist