Admission test to The Academy

There should be an admission test to The Academy, there’s simply too many cozy chatters who totally nullyfies the good intend with this forum.

Some will naively say “just give them time” which is wrong, that would suggest that anyone with time would become a genious, which is nonsens. The tragic truth is most doesn’t have the mental aptitude for this.

Since you’re obviously the smartest guy in the room I nominate you to devise the test.

This should be good.

Who will devise a test for Drusus?

I’m sure Faust or Only_Humean are dying to do that. It would be all about spelling and grammar.

They’d have to get in line with the rest of us, and it wouldn’t be about spelling or grammar. It would be hard to do… How do you make a test for a three year old? I’m not sure if a test simple enough could be devised, but I’m sure some of us would give it a go.

drusus is clearly a “genious” and is above such tests. some pleb should write it. I nominate myself.

Drusus what was your username before?

This thread is going to end up the same way as its predecessor on this subject matter… locked!

Search ignorence and/or ignorents! :-k

What kind of test are you imagining?
An essay? (to test writing ability)
Questions about philosophy/philosophers?
A combination?
Something else?

I actually don’t think this is a, per se, silly idea. I don’t have much interest in the academy - I just look at NEW POSTS wherever they are - but I can’t see any reason to rule out having some kind of admissions test if some portion of the community wants it. Those who don’t can avoid The Academy.

I think there would have to be some kind of time limit. IOW you request admission and the admin pms you and sets up a date and time with you. They then send the test and you have to finish within a certain time. At least then, if you use the internet to cut, alter, paste and answer questions, you are facile with those skills and can probably keep it up once in the forum.

I would make people argue opposite sides of the same issue. Have a self debate, first pro, then con on some philosophical issue.

You could also have in forum votes on members. IOW if you post badly, you can get thrown out. Admins can overrule, to avoid minority views, rather than poor philosophers, from being ousted.

And there would be no using emoticons in the academy (unless you are woman and would not participate otherwise - inside bad joke)

I think I should be the sole decider of whether or not a post is bullshit.

Anyone with common sense and the time to read through all the posts on this board will find I’m the most consistent, well read, and articulate person here. I can construct a system bigger than yours, and I can reduce yours to just parts that will fit into mine. I can trick you into saying things you don’t believe and into rejecting your own arguments. You guys have all seen me do this hundreds of times. Don’t even try and argue with it. Just give me the power. It’ll be fair to all except those who lack the aptitude to understand fairness.

The problem is that The Academy is only 1 place that can contain all aspects of philosophy which can be anything one can put to words.

There can be psychology, physics, geology, history, etc. Therefore there can’t be an universal test as of such, where it might be better to do away with The Acadeny, and instead allow the admissed to be able to make an exclusive topic anywhere, where only special people can chat with eachother.

The test for each respective forum must be formulated as relevant as possible, therefore a psychology test for psychology forum, and critical think test for general philosophy, and a physics test for physics forum.

I’d imagine a test similar like this for the psychology forum: “Solomon’s Wisdom (2 mothers and the baby)”

Show us a sample science test.

I second this motion. You would make an excellent moderator.

Since there’s little chance that i’ll be appointed modrator of this site, i won’t bother. Chatted with Carleas recently, he only wants cozy chat, so it’s all invane.

One key element to a test should be arguability. There should be an idea embedded into the test, that anything posted is testable, hence the Academy should be a forum of self scrutiny, and scrutiny by others. If the blog does not meet standards of scrutiny (arguability) , then it should not belong to the Academy, it should be moved somewhere else, excepting the Rant House. That kind of move would automatically lower the standards and the value of the Academy, by inference.

the idea of an admission test is as elitist as it is moronic, and I’m confident it would never be implemented on this site. For one, it would be more work for the mods to either administer it, or change your roles in the administration panel so that you can access it. Secondly, the few dozen regular posters would all have to take it now and it would take a lot of man hours, and the result would almost certainly be everyone passing.

Or nobody giving a shit to begin with.

exactly, every hurdle you put in someone’s way is another chance to lose a valuable contributor. it would be ineffective, inefficient, and actually reduce both quantity and quality of posting. I’d think this thread could be closed now.

The admissability test is already in place. All any member has to do is to follow the original guidelines (see aum’s first post). Pretty simple, but a lot of work. Obviously, more work than all the people looking for ‘elevated’ discussion are willing to do. The administration called their bluff and they folded. A repeat of history…