adrift and at peace

the blurring hues are sweet.

awake but still asleep.

still adrift and at peace.

i like the rhyms and dynamics, but i don’t like the amount of romanticism involved. sometimes it makes the poems seem ambigious and weak in purpose. i promote the kind of poems that are deeply expressive and at the same time, highly contempt and easy. whad you say?

I’m glad someone responded to at least one of these four poems I just put out…because some commentary is needed.

  1. I wrote each one in about five or so minutes.
  2. Each one I wrote while listening to the song of the same name by NIN.
  3. The poems reflect the words I felt through inspiration while listening to those songs,
    which are all instrumentals from the Still album.
  4. Look at the time which those posts were made, heh.

I’m not particularly fond of this one, but I really like the other three.

You shouldn’t feel the need to be so defensive of them. In your defense you downplay their value, however, it’s obvious that they mean something to you or you wouldn’t be defensive at all.