Adventures in Prison

I’ve never been to prison

But I did spend the night in jail one time

What stuck out to me:

Most of the cops are the embodiment of doucebaggery

I understand they aren’t supposed to treat the inmates like peaches-and-cream

But holy fuck…they treated me, as if I was the scum of the Earth, even though I was still not found guilty at the time

The ones watching over the cell were on some hardcore power-trips, eternal grins on their faces.

I was in prison only once for prostitution. I sold myself so i could study philosophy. In prisn, one month, i did not experoence anything, because i was in with the blacks, and nobody bothered me in spite of my pretty boy status. I was not queered, nor did i become anyone’s bitch, because i knew how to play the game, learned from the streets. I lost my job with traffic violations when they found out, but had the whole affair ex-punged after 3 years because i was considered a minor at the time. I was arrested several times after that but never served time for them. I became very claustrophobic after this, and even to this day, developed all kids of phobias. I developed a very deep respect for the law there after. Thank You.

Wow! If that’s not the love of wisdom, I don’t know what is.

But they are supposed to follow their own fucking rules. What does that say about a system that punishes people for breaking rules by putting them into a prison where the staff break the rules?

This is the mother load of all hypocrisy.

This simple fact alone nullifies any kind of social contract with the system (for me). If anybody shouldn’t break the rules, it should be the people who punish others for breaking the rules.

But what if in addition to this fact, the person in the prison being abused and mistreated shouldn’t even be there?

After almost five years I walked out of that prison, Primal. Now it’s my turn…


Glad to hear it :wink:

Interesting … But …, oh, oh … :frowning:

Interesting … But is your story a wishful dream or a teen film clip? :wink:

Interesting … But can you really hear Orbie’s post? :wink:

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How about… just living your life, and not having any direct contact with those fools?

Yes, life was horrible. Yes, injustices were presented to you. But, your a philosopher now… at least from a assumed pretention you have posting here.

Your experience of incoherency of justice and betrayal of personhood isn’t unique. I’ve known the experience. Let it have a influence of who you are, in how you approach things, but don’t stoop to a reciprocal mentality that forever grudges you, and ties you to that environment. You’ll never cease to be a prisoner until you can rise above the complexes you developed to survive. Those prison guards… poorly trained, low education. Don’t expect much from a cafeteria prison crew in terms of response. And the actual items you lost… you had so little, meant so much… I assure you, you could do with even less. I’ve experienced solitude of a deafening order to the point of triggering Musical Ear Syndrome. Solitude doesn’t break a human mind… we are biologically designed to adapt. Its the perception derived from desires. I have done with even less than you had for long stretches in my life.

In the annals of philosophy, we have the memory of the Cynic Philosopher Demetrius of Sunium:

As your out of prison, and studying philosophy, I would recommend dropping the pretense towards revenge and retaliation. As I said, they are poorly educated stewards… the guards, and the operations managing prison workers wasn’t a high priority. Your taking this personally. Nature doesn’t make philosophers to operate on a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye basis. You can and really should become better than this, and digest in full your memories, and design a plan to start forcefully uprooting it.

My first suggestion is, as you can clearly make a list of abuses, and list them by category… remembering your PERCEPTIONS, do a study on a topic such as, Recidivism rates per facility, emphasizing varioys Warden’s philosophical approach to “rehabilitation and incarcination”.

While you do that, do a basic typological study of various guards at that prison. Some are more shitheaded than others, and compare this to your list of categories, and develop a dualistic typology that categorizes behaviors of certain kinds of guards with their reactions, and that of other guards, and compare this to the typology of various prisoners, ex cons you can interview.

If you develop these two kinds of typology, break it down into a multiple choice test, the kind both guards and prisoners would take upon working at/ becoming incarcerated at the prison. If a guard answers hypotheticals, he should receive collateral damage info on prisoners who have negatively rejected their treatment and found themselves forced into gangs. In your case, the Aryans, but it could of just as easily been an Islamic Radical Group, Black Panthers, a Cartel, etc.

This testing should be aimed at reducing recidivism and avoiding the worst aspects of prison treatment. Plenty of ex-cons on the net to collect this information.

You want revenge. Its a temporary feeling at best. Your not to be wasted on such puerile endeavors. As a philosopher now, you should be setting your sights on the systematic collapse of behaviors inherent in systems that brought you such pains to begin with, that will forever torment others like you.

Make use of your experiences. Develop the dual-typological test, and I will check it out. If it passes my muster, it will mean a lot. If I think it has potential, I will help you gain the influence you need politically and intellectually within the circle of education that perspective wardens have to climb through before qualifying for their posts. You could get laws and regulations put in place that detect these inefficiencies and cruelities during state prison inspections, once they have the means and a metric to detect these injustices, and root them out.

Beating the shit out of a couple of guards, or flattening their tires isn’t the height we should aspire to. Hell, given the educational background of those guards and career choices, expect them to invent their own hells for themselves.

And Orb… you don’t have to put out the red light just to have the privledge to talk to me. But if you do insist on selling your asshole just for the sake of posting here, talking to me, I really think I should get a financial contribution in return. I mean, what else can the money possible be for?

I can’t read all that quote Ferg. Like all the others this guy is just another philosopher in the annals of history. I like to stay away from anyone who has the suffix ‘ius’ in his name anyway, because I always feel like I reading a script to a Shakespearean play when I read them. No offense, though.

I can’t be talked down from the disgust I feel about this. This is my war, and unless something extraordinary happens in my life, I have nothing to live for but this war. I’m just biding my time. I’ll know when the time is right to make my move.

You don’t just ‘get over’ this kind of shit. You get revenge and you do it right.

Yes, its a mindset, but it is recursive, and doesn’t benefit yourself in the long run, or the greater good in preventing this from happening to others just like you, over and over again. Your not taking a stand against the recurrence, you are possessed by a chasing after, reliving a traumatic past.

You possess a thinking capacity. An awareness of other minds. A sense of a future, if not even for yourself, but in some sense for mankind.

An ability to read situations, adapt, and overcome. Your trapped in this cycle. You allow yourself to be trapped in the system the forced upon you.

Before the time comes, just reconsider this call. Is there a smarter way of changing what happened in a meaningful way well beyond the scope of a mere, limited impulse to revenge? Will this revenge do anything to satiate the torment of others still locked up around the country, around the world? Are you in the position to use your insider knowledge to present an alternative, to remedy the maladies of a broken system, to help guide the world beyond this mess?

Or are you going to be selfish and shortsighted, and quite probably, whether you succeed or fail, end up in the same circumstances, likely worst this time around.

We are primates. Gravity was our greatest enemy for 60 million years. We never could of built skyscrapers had we maintained a eternal grudge against falling, of taking that leap from the trees into the Savannah.

Think about this when the time comes. Don’t fall on your ass into a cell again. Approach this situation as a philosopher. Your responsibilities now are to lead men past their misunderstandings, not be lead by your misgivings

Is there a hidden message in his words? :confused:

Yes, he said he took it in the ass. You gotta use your super-sleuth decoder ring to figure out the hidden meaning behind his statement.

His hole was like this o and then it was this O, cause they didn’t have the internet back then, so philosophy was expensive. You can lecture him on poor logic, but in fairness, he was trying to buy a book on logic to learn about that sort of reason in the first place. Catch-22, we all make that mistake eventually.

All of us.

I hope You do not misunderstand me for saying this: that i will live up to Your expectations, and not even rise to the occasion of inflicting the most sublime critique of what You probably intended to hurt me with, or anything of the kind. On the contrary, I almost can feel your disappontment with the fact, that neutrality has always generally been the best options when dealing with people who feed on that sort of gratuity.

However, i am somewhat surprised in your level of surmise of my intended plan to filter out the obvious from the less so, and that is the level from which i will never sverve. So be it, and in that way, let it be.
That had we met in prison, we would be talking in a different language , i am quite sure of.

Thanks, and i hope the implications are obvious. I have no negative regard fo you, in fact, i have none.

And then there was this. I suffered a slight herniated disk in a weight lifting accident. I was doing rows with more weight than I could handle and something went ouch.

Now they took xrays and confirmed the disk protruding from the lower vertebra, as well as some minor disk degeneracy… but that kind of arthritis is natural to everyone… only a little more to people who have used their back more in life.

My left leg is also about a half inch shorter than my right because of a flatter foot (forget the name of the condition). But the tilt of my waist caused the vertebra to heal in the wrong position. I was never given an orthodic lift for my shoe because they gave me the wrong kind of xrays to determine the discrepancy between legs. They fucked it up. Twice. I was given horizontal xrays and these do not identify a discrepancy. There is a special kind of standing xray machine that does this. The broke motherfuckers wouldn’t pay for it and keep tossing me back and forth between doctors at the prison.

If an inamte has less than X amount of time left, the state is not required to address his medical or dental needs. To take advantage of this law, they purposely postpone your medical attention and drag out the process long enough to reach that point. Then, by law, they don’t have to help you.

The pain is constant and dull, and my lower back is very stiff in the morning. After that I’m good. But the point is, when I complain about this bullshit and sound like a psychopath, there is some substance to it.

Consider the following. If a person breaks a law, knowing in advance the penalties if he gets caught, and having a willingness to suffer, responsibly, those penalities if he gets caught, can we say that he is responsible for the suffering he endures if he is caught and given penalties that are more severe than the penalties he should have gotten for the crime he committed?

To say yes would be also to say that a man who walks out his front door and is hit by a stray bullet, is at fault for the suffering he endures, because he shouldn’t have walked out the door.

One would never say that because that’s ridiculous. I suppose we could say that the man shouldn’t have walked out the door if he knew there was a chance of getting hit by a stray bullet… but would we really say that?

If I committed a crime that is punishable by sentence X, knowing this before I committed the crime and willing to suffer the consequences with no complaint if I were caught, can I be responsible and to blame for being punished with sentence Y, instead?

A person can be called responsible and at fault for the suffering he endures only if he knew in advance that that suffering might result from what he has chosen to do, chooses to do it anyway, gets caught, and suffers.

From my particular position this applies in such a way that I causally trace back every instance of disadvantage I have had since the convictions and prison so that I can blame one specific event as the beginning of the chain that would follow.

As these afflictions and disadvantages combine and make it more difficult for me I get more angry. If you were me you would understand. I am in a very difficult position, one that I am not totally to blame for making, and I get very frustrated. So I vent pseudononymously hoping you will fight for me and with me. But alas, you do not.

I kept all the records of medical sick-call requests and doctors orders and everything. Then I read some law and found out I’d have slim chance to get a law suit together against the state for what happened. So I didn’t bother doing anything with and nor did I try to consult a lawyer to see if he’d be interested in the case.

Really fucked up. You think about all the shit I have been through because somebody saw my dick. I remember the second time I was arrested for it when I was nineteen. The judge in the court room was laughing with me the charge was so stupid. I got some unsupervised probation because he had to give me something.

If you got any questions about my charges ask me and I’ll tell you. You showed up a little late on the scene. I’d already covered my charges here. Six felonies for one incident Ferg… not six different incidents. Talk to me chief. Ask me something and speak clearly. Turn the afterburners off and just talk like a normal guy with an average IQ, mmkay?

I didn’t conflate the two incidents, but Arminius chose to… so my initial comment still stands.

I give my boyfriend blowjobs… a strange man asks me to give him a blowjob… does that mean I have to give him a blowjob?

What I asked you to consider above Ferg is the fact that I was sentenced for a crime that I didn’t actually commit. Another kind of sex crime. What I should’ve been charged with was one misdemeanor indecent exposure. But I was charged with one felony indecent liberties with a minor and one felonious indecent exposure. This was the woman in the book store I flashed when the kid saw me. I still to this day don’t know where that kid was in the store because I never saw her. Now I intentionally flashed the woman and the kid accidentally saw me. Concerning intent then, my charge was a misdemeanor indecent exposure to an adult. Max of sixty days in jail. Not only did the DA jack up the charge but he also doubled it by defining the same crime as two different elemental crimes. Elements in one exist in the other so he can get both in on me. A double jeopardy of sorts. Indecent liberties with a minor requires the offender to 'perform a lewd or lascivious act with or upon the body of a minor.

I made no physical contact. I didn’t even see her.

Because this kid saw my dick I got 36-44 months in prison and was given lifetime sex offender registry requirement. Wait, there’s more. I got a GPS on my ankle as well. Neat, huh?

I’ve moved to virginia and I live in a conversion van… a very nice conversion van. Like the Starship Enterprise. Sgot the interior hardwood trim, premium sound system, TV DVD, electric bed/couch, valance lights, 5.7 liter. Sgot that las vegas casino blue interior and tinted windows. I took the running boards off and the two single seats out of the back… as well as rubbed the g, a, t, o, and r out of the word Gladiator. She’s my customized Ladi.

The six felonies I was charged for in 2008 went the same way. It was one event in which three people saw me, so should have been a singular charge. The DA argued that there was a crime committed on each person in that incident and that two charges could be made for each girl. So three girls got two felonies each, and put me on five years supervised probation with a suspended sentence of 16-20 months in prison, and the sex offender registry.

edit: moved to virginia so I could get the bracelet off. They do not have that law. That is why I am willing to live in a van right now. I’ll worry about getting an apartment later. I got out of prison last November and haven’t got my shit together yet. Still roaming around skipping jobs here and there. Besides, I’m at the beach now. I need to have some fun before locking down in some permanent job.

I’m going to be heading out in a SUV here soon, they have better stealth ability. It has a crack in the windshield, and rust issues I gotta solve before going out. Van living is a bit luxurious if done right.

I gotta hunt down some quartz deposits, so haven’t quite decided where to set off, need specific kinds.

Health trumps historical injustices, so let’s focus on that.

Do you know roughly which vertebrae are unalined, where the curvature starts?

I need you to head out to some straight track railroads, and walk along it. Try to keep your feet spaced equally when they touch down, every other track. Walk until you start seriously hurting, and then describe to me the exact muscle groups this occurs in, and rough location along those muscles in relation to your skeletal system. You can Google the anatomy for correct nomenclature.

If it is cartridge, I can walk you through regrowing it. I did that over several years homeless, had to rebuild my right knee, severe atrophy. Could barely walk once I got back, and was more or less abandoned.

I have no reason to pity you. With the right mindset, insight, and research, you can get ahead. Hopelessness and negative reinforcements feeds anxiety. Yes… you lost everything. So what?

One step at a time.


Reading your posts you seem to be affronted by what you perceive as the audacity of being charged for your offences.

I have heard sex offenders are treated differently in prisons, with the contempt that they deserve.