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This video was made by our very own Brutal force [Also known as Eternal Savagery]


“The rebels, the outcasts, the anarchists, the outlaws, the loners, the wild ones…”

The wild ones!

I. Am. Sofreakingglad!!! He posted this himself.

I saw it this morning and it made me laugh so hard I almost posted it over here myself, but then I thought, why let petty thoughts turn to petty actions? So I left it alone.

Thank you, Joke :slight_smile: You’ve made my day.

The spooks are paying attention.

“[T]he democratic movement inherits the Christian. But that the tempo of this movement is much too slow and somnolent for the more impatient, for the sick and suffering of the [herd] instinct, is attested by the ever more frantic baying, the ever more undisguised fang‑baring of the anarchist dogs which now rove the streets of European culture: apparently the reverse of the placidly industrious democrats and revolutionary ideologists, and even more so of the stupid philosophasters and brotherhood fanatics who call themselves socialists and want a ‘free society’, they are in fact at one with them all in their total and instinctive hostility towards every form of society other than that of the autonomous herd (to the point of repudiating even the concepts ‘master’ and ‘servant’—ni dieu ni maître says a socialist formula—)[.]” (Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, aph. 202, Helen Zimmern’s translation.)

Let them.

And? I don’t agree with everything the now dead German philosopher said. I admit his brilliance on some subjects, but I don’t agree with everything he said where I do have my disagreements.

It’s not like I accept every utterance from him as the word of god like you do. Speaking of philosophasters…

He disliked anarchists. Whatever. Had he lived long enough to see what statism transformed itself into from the late eighteenth century onwards I bet he would of revised his opinions.

I am creating my entirely new form of philosophical nihilism as I’ve said many times already in the last two weeks.

You really need to come out in the present world away from your Nietzsche texts. The world is changing. Don’t get left behind.

I put The Jokers Theme under it.


Sometimes I’m glad I can’t see.

You’re not missing much. A letter ‘A’ in a circle, text is No Gods, No Masters. A few photographs - statue, guy with gun, a few guys in ski masks.

Words fail me. I can’t believe how unimpressed I am.

Good luck to Ty. As for the rest of you stop moaning about individual people who create forums that are not like the ones you like to conform to. he’s an individual there’s nothing wrong with that. The human race is never going to progress if it just conforms, stop trying to make everyone like you, because you feel comfortable about it. Progress is made through change not through boring insignificance. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with being a person who is just unable to do anything but conform, but by the same token I don’t think it’s right to judge those who don’t. Arkham if it’s not your bag ignore it, what’s the worst that could happen?

Apparently you too mistake me for Cezar (Historyboy). If you check out this thread, you will see that I disagreed with Nietzsche whereas Cezar had to disagree with Darwinian evolution because Nietzsche contradicts it:

Also, I don’t consider Nietzsche’s writings divine revelation but noble revelation: “Die vornehme Natur ersetzt die göttliche Natur.” (Leo Strauss, “Note on the Plan of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil”.)

Nietzsche lived in the late nineteenth century. Anyway, are you pointing to something we may call an anarchism of the right? That could interest me.

Thanks for your concern.

Amazing. :banana-dance: :dance:


That was rather fun. :laughing:

Someone really needs to explain how true anarchists, rebels, loners, thieves, killers etc, can be true and yet be part of a controlled group??? Would this not be wannabe labelers? Pretense for ego?

This shit is embarassing.


Joker, you’ve lost your mojo. You’re not entertaining anymore.