Affirmative action destroyed (legally now)

Supreme Court throws out affirmative action, pointing out the obvious fact that it violates the equal protection clause of the constitution. Since that is pretty much the basis for “anti-discrimination” laws anyway. Whether you like that basis or not, at least the stupidity of judging people by their race in what is and ought to be a meritocratic and freedom-based system has finally been thrown out by the highest court.

Lots of lefties crying about it, I notice. Boo hoo, we don’t get to be racist anymore!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Too bad so sad.

Based Thomas does his bit of trolling, as usual, nice fanfare along with his excellent decisions and supporting writings. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: =D> =D> =D> :sunglasses:

Does anyone else think it’s just the height of absurd comedy that the political left, who pretend like they are the most anti-racist people on the planet, are the same people who want racism legalised when it benefits their pet ideological victim-hood hierarchy of the moment? “Well it’s ok to discriminate against SOME races because THOSE races don’t count.” As some of these woke idiots like to say, you can’t be racist against whites. I guess that goes for asians too, at least at Harvard.

Idea: Whites and Asians should team up. We are obviously superior, I mean the leftists clearly think so otherwise why would they be so scared and trying to put us down so much? Why would they hate us because we are “too successful” or “too smart” unless they know, deep down somewhere, that we are better than they are?

Or maybe those same leftists ought to stop and ponder their own actual racism against “minority” groups whom those same leftists deem INHERENTLY INFERIOR as unable to even achieve on a level individually on par with anyone else. Oh, this is about poverty? Then make affirmative action all about someone’s wealth status. Plenty of poor white and asian people who would love an advantage in life if they could get one. Lots of rich black people too, who seem like all the privilege that comes with being rich.

Oh and don’t forget libtards: CLARENCE THOMAS IS BLACK :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :-k

Constitutional conventions have actually been called upon to change status quo legal etched in stone matters of ‘fact guarantees of rights, right? And what side of the isle is after all , sadly, is a matter of interpretation, so.

And what those f holy grilled facts are here, are long held issues which have finally come home to realize that the gig is up, the effects that slavery so obviously bore upon the rights of man. far outweighed any decision that impinged on an evolving universalization of all men, that form the very basis of constituting social Justice.

Slavery is and was particularly a painful gradient left over from an age old holding of perceptive error, a use of unjustifiable filters that has come home to roost in equally wrongly delegated preceptive fault lines in a supposed open society.

The blemish has healed to most extents, and any further use of such leverage appears to apply to those now who discriminated against those, who were the discriminators in the first place.

Constitutionality is a two edged sword, not to indiscriminately slash away for any cause regardless for any measure that would have
met the tests of time.

Bad stuff happened in the past. To lots of people.

Enslaving people today in order to try and create mirror-images of people being enslaved in the past, is stupid.

Now, if you want to create systems to create more equilibrium between disparate layers and in terms of higher values, that’s great. An easy example of that would be some type of financial support/assistance for education based on a kid’s merit or intelligence and inversely in proportion to his family’s wealth/SES. Try to identify particularly gifted kids who have especially poor/hard family lives and give them free college tuition. Stuff like that. And a more scaled-down, more universalized version of that for the more average kids who also come from poverty.

But keep in mind that coming from poverty is no kind of guarantee of worse life outcomes. There may be some statistical correlation here, but I doubt it is above .3 or so. Poverty not only does not absolutely limit every poor person but it can act as a catalyst; conversely, being born into wealth and affluence can cause stagnation, stifling, apathy, disconnection from reality etc.

De jurerepresentation are of course cast no shadows, as de facto mirroring is what colonialism’s pseudo-slavery did to social perspective, that is the dynamic efforts of reversal change the insight, toward a kind of justifiable payback, a melange out of which intra and inter psychic differentiation is not possible without affirmative action.

The simulated reflective/refractive bias make a focus an invaluable speaking point but nothing else, until a globally enforced equilibrium has had time to come home to roost.

The above noted educationally benefitting program, has been immediately taken an executive opposition, wherein only a new or renewed legislation will sow up that infirmity left from a trifractural stability.

they should go after legacy admissions next

What’s that?

are you serious? like this is an issue that you care about and you don’t know what legacy admissions is? you trolling me man?

Admission based on the fact someone in your family is on the school board of trustees, or something like that?

Bro look at the title of the topic here. What do you see?

That is the issue at hand. Thanks for playing.