After 2 years of trump, this will happen

The article is sensationalist propoganda, written in a website called Mother Jones.

Donald Trump said “At least he’s a leader”. Do you know what that means?

“At least”, is used as a derogatory insult when belittling two persons.

At least, means that someone is mostly bad, but at least has good qualities the other person doesn’t have.

For example.

Joe says suzie is a fat whore.
Donald replies …Susie may be a fat whore, but at least she has good taste in decoration.


Donald Trump also said that killing reporters is bad.

The article is full of lies, saying Donald Trump bear hugged Putin, and it is mostly sensationalist propoganda.

You asked for proof that trump endorsed Putin and I gave it
to you. If you don’t like the article, I really can’t help you.


I dont like the article because it is full of lies. I can’t help you if you take sensationalist propoganda at face value.


One of the reasons Trump is doing so well is that when people see criticisms like this from the media, pundits, or in a more limited context you, we all know that you would have said allllll the exact same shit no matter who the GOP front-runner was. So it’s all just a bunch of ‘blah blah blah blah’. If Trump tanks this debate or has a heart attack and we’re looking at nominee Rubio or nominee Cruz, you’ll make this exact same post with the exact same tone and the exact same degree of danger about either of those guys. There is no Republican (who actually supports the Repbulican platform) that the GOP could possibly put up there that you would not say is the End of the Fucking World. Ditto New York Times, ditto CNN, ditto MSNBC, ditto network news.

Because people know that, because people know it was inevitable that the MSM (and you) would call the GOP nominee a crook, a racist, a sexist and a liar no matter who it was, nobody listens to you. Trump is a pretty bad candidate, but everything you’re gonna say about him will just sound like the cliched canned criticisms given to every GOP candidate. SO oh well. But it’s worse than mere apathy and not listening. The lion’s share of the media controlled by the left has lost so much credibility that when they criticize Trump it is taken to mean he must be doing something right.

I mean hell, somebody just asked you for information, and you directed them to Mother Fucking Jones. When they express skepticism that such a source should be trusted, you just blow it off like it’s their problem and all the smart people in the world consider Mother Jones articles to be ‘proof’ of things. You know what the consequences are when you behave with such preposterous lack of perpsective? You help Trump’s numbers.

You should like Trump, you created him.

Donald Trump is the fall guy for the upcoming economic collapse of the United States within the next few years…

There will be no revolution in the US. Even the poor have bought the Horatio Alger lie and will support whoever supports it.


There is real anger out there in America. You can look around and see it. I
live in a very insulated place, on the San Francisco Peninsula, a very wealthy
area and I can see anger in the people coming into the store. You can see the
anger just watching trump rallies and you can read the anger on the comment page
of just about any internet story about politics and trump. On the comment page of
internet stories, you can read even conservatives are hoping mad at Washington for
not doing anything in the last 7 years. Even they see how dark money has affected
Washington. Of course, not be able to connect cause and effect, they still blame
Obama, but they are angry nevertheless. The rise of the Bundy group shows the depths
of the anger and the rise of outright racism is another sign. the anger seems to be
greater on the right than the left, but even the left is angry and that is evident
by the rise of Bernie. the violence level of the country is rising and I don’t see an end
in sight for somehow ending the violence. It will continue to rise and threaten to overwhelm
America. People who get angry enough are capable of anything. I wouldn’t be surprise
at all at a major terrorism attack launch on America by the right wing terror cells that
now exist in America. The FBI believes that right wing terror attacks are a greater
threat to America than muslim terrorist and I agree. A leader like trump who has no
agenda outside of power would be ideal to be a front man for some rise of American
Nazism. If not him, there will be someone and that someone will be elected soon, who
will follow the path of Hitler. America has its greatest threat since the depression which
threaten to collapse America. How will we deal? I honestly don’t know.


Not all the just a majority. Most revolutions are started by a minority initially anyways historically.

This anger was very predictable. The circus has always had a binomial tinge, but the triad of fascism, capitalism and socialism has always had a deep layer of protective shield to mask the fact that it is part and parcel a manifestation of human nature.

Anger is existential dread, of having to face this sad reality, and the three ring circus is the outward manifestation of the communal expression of this denied fact. Who is on first? Who is on Second? Now.

We are all led to believe in the impermiability, the finality of institutions and ideologies. Anger is a predicate, and the benefits of war reap only a short lasting lapse in memory. Then, the good times over, the spoils of war having been wasted on the young, waking up one day from their spoiled revelries, get angry again.

Soon, very soon, the anger will engulf itself into blood on the streets. Cities will glisten with all sorts of government buildings set ablaze and the sounds of agony being shouted all throughout the land.

A sweet sight it will be. :evilfun:

lol. democratically elected fascism. cool story, bro’.

What’s the equivalent of the Australian Senate in the U.S., the place where proposed bills are debated and passed? He can’t be a dictator if he passes his bills through the democractic institutions.

It happened in Germany, circa 1939 CE.

And a “fall guy” is a scapegoat. Right?

I advise you to read Peter Sloterdijk’s “Rage and Time”.

“Not with a bang, but a whimper.” (Eliot)

Anyone else do a search of past political elections? They go back to the first years of this forum.

Not much has changed, only names and candidates.

There’s more to it than that. Yes the NSAPD was democratically elected, but it had to pass an Enabling Act to ensure fascism. Is there an equivalent Act in the U.S.? If so, what are the chances of it passing?