age, professional ambition and qualifications etc

Age; 19

Qualifications; full time student studying for my final year of A-levels in ICT and business,.

Professional ambition; Quite unsure for now, i wouldn’t mind working in goverment but i am definitely going to study Philosophy at degree level in a year or so once A-levels are completed.

Would be cool to get a better idea of yourselfs! Add any other additional comments which you think may be needed.



age: 37

qualifications: B.S.S. in Philosophy and history, M.Ed. in cultural studies

professional ambition: continue corrupting the youths


imp you are not 37, there’s no way in the blazing hells someone aged 37 would have the patience to post imp posts.

you are 18ish, good student but a bit on the asocial side, thinking you know more than your teachers (late highschool/freshman college), which, given the shit schools are in, might even be true.

LOL thanks… but alas, I am 37…

and do you want to know the secret to patience? ask me tomorrow…


whulst you’re here zenofeller, may aswell do what is asked of you :stuck_out_tongue: …age etc

Age: 44

Education: B.S. in Marketing

Profession: Shill for Corporate America, baby!

Philosophical Qualifications: I spend a lot of time reading Dunamis’s posts…

Age: 38

Education: BSc in Social Policy

Profession: Date stamping books

Philosophical Qualifications: I’ve read the Communist Manifesto…nearly all the way through.

Professional Ambition: I’m too young to have any of those :slight_smile:

age 26, phd (yes, actually), absolutely no professional ambition whatsoever.

Hello F(r)iends,

Sex? Yes.
Age? Unknown
Education? B.S. in BS
Profession: BullShitter
Philosophical Qualifications: I pretend to know what I am talking about…
Ambition: To bullshit myself into Salma Hayek’s arms…

Note: Dunamis is the first, and only person (ever), to make me feel completely intellectually inadequate, inferior… My critical thinking skills seem childish compared to his… even Polemarchus never made me feel so small. Wouldn’t it be great if they were on opposite ends of a debate? Seriously! I am salivating at the thought. It would be like the best boxing match ever except it be a duel of words. Sadly, they probably would come to an agreement too quickly because their minds would quickly find a solution.

Fuck! Fuckity! Fuck!
I need a retard around to make me feel intellectually superior? looks in mirror There we go!


Sex: A couple of times.
Age: [size=67]36 and a half[/size]
Education: Bsc in human and applied Biology.
Profession: BullShitter* [size=75][cough][/size] English Teacher.
Philosophical Qualifications: Read Sophie’s world…Twice…
Ambition: To be immortal. [size=75](going well so far)[/size]

*Hey Thirst - we share a profession… And Big D makes me feel stupid too, though sometimes in a good way…