What is your age?

  • 12-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-40
  • 40-50
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I’m just curious as to the age ratio(s) of the members here at ILP. :wink:

22 in case you cared.

23 years and still young!!! Hit that 2-4 on October 15th

I suppose im 21 now… fuckin time and its fuckin moving forward-ness.

Only 19…i feel so young… :frowning:

16 here. Guess that makes me a little guy. :wink:

hey, anny, i’m 19 as well… older than BMW at least :wink:

you guys are making me feel old.

bastards!!! :imp:

If this makes you feel any better, Smooth, I used to post on a forum infested with 14-year-olds.:wink:

i’m 19!!! booooyah!

sorry BMW, it doesn’t. But it’s okay, I’m young at heart!

and chic, you are legal, that is what counts. So whenever you want to send me that PM … … … then we can get to know one another more … you know…

Well that sucks I’m “only” 19 and I feel so old :confused:

Does this 16 year old have a BMW already??? (BMW-Guy?)

Of couse! As well as a dozen Ferraris, nine Rolls-Royces, 30 or so Lamborghinis, etc.

Okay, so no–I don’t even have a BMW!!!

sobs uncontrolably for a second time

blows nose & wipes-away tears

But, I have driven BMWs several times! I even got the opertunity at a BMW Performace Driving Clinic to take a 330i to just over 115 mph! Honest!:wink:


To the

EDIT Button

You guys are young…I just turned 30…

What was the three consecutive posts reading “Points to the EDIT button” mean? :confused: :wink: