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What do you think of ‘global warming’?

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I was watching The Daily Show and found myself suprised to see Gore advocating preventionary change against global warming (which would lead to Florida being submerged :p). So… I’ve put this topic up for anyone who wishes to discuss it: How much stock do you personally put in the whole ‘global warming’ crisis?

If it really is happening… who are we to stop nature from resetting itself? We’d like to think we’re hot shit and all, but when it comes down to it, nature owns…

oh yes! I believe!!! global warming is real. thirty years ago all the scientists were saying we were going into another ice age, but NO! global warming is real! give up all your money to the communist collective and destroy any modern convienence you have in order to save the planet. oh yes, be a good environmnetally conscious slave for the new world order of happy communists with chairman algore appointed to rule the world of course, and only rich democRATS can keep their gas guzzlers and air conditioning because they are spreading the gospel according to algore…

[size=200]VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!![/size]

kill all the environmentalists along with the liberals (their politics are the same and they each want to control your life)


Who cares about it anyway, it’ll be the people far into the future that suffer, not us.

Just… think about that.

Global warming is a natural trend with the planet, part of the cycle.

The problem is loose terminology with ecowarriors and politicians.

It is the current rate at which the warming is occuring that is the problem, not the warming itself. This warming pace, along with the hole in the ozone, that is at it’s largest observed diameter, airborne particulants, and upshoot in unwatched industry in certain large nations … all make the case … just not in the manner that it is currently presented by media and politicians.

Nothing can be done about it though, and if you cared, you should be more worried about rainforest destruction, which supplies a full third of the earth’s oxygen.

Of course, some realise the human species will undo itself in one manner or the other … so it’s just a matter of time and poison.

Rather useless to consider avenues, when they all end in futility.

You’re right Imp., I do want to control your life. Much like I would want to control the life of a child bent on killing his family. You, much like him, had the chance to live according to your own will, and much like him, you failed. You were unable to tell fact from fictions, and in the name of avoiding some mass left wing conspiracy you have denied the only chance you have at living. So here’s where I step in. You may think you don’t want me to step in, but your lack of judgement is exactly why I had to, so your desire becomes irrelevant. I’m going to take over, fix what you’ve destroyed, save your life, and thus do what you yourself wanted to do, but were ultimately unable to do. Your inability to get past your rage against the machine mentality, has led you to reject all reasoning of your “enemy” even if it is sound. Perhaps it should be noted that in raging against the machine, you have aligned yourself with those who don’t care about you or your interests. They care only about themselves. Maybe this appeals to you on an individual level, each person is responsible for himself and other such cliche’s make you feel strong and embolden your spirit. That’s fine, but we’re not talking about the individual level, we’re talking about the federalism’s relationship with the individual.

As you read this you’ll undoubtedly be thinking, that goddamn commi asshole, trying to tell me how to live. I can live however I damn well please. Speak louder imp., drown out what ever reason and compassion you have left, for that will make you a MAN.

drown out reason and compassion? LMAO…

reason and compassion are afterthoughts …

before you can have compassion, you have to have the power to be compassionate and most importantly you have to place yourself in a higher position than those you will subject to your compassion. can we say hubris?

at least I am honest about it


What I see here as answer to a genuine post is systematic
of what is wrong with america today. IMP of course wants
to kill everybody who disagrees with him, but IMP wants
to kill everybody, so it doesn’t really matter. And I see the
old standby, what does it matter it won’t affect me so what
do I care? and another says, well its gonna to happen anyway,
so WTF. And we come back to a point I have been trying to make
(badly apparently) for a while. So I shall try again.

For some unknown reason, we are unable to place ourselves
into context. We don’t (can’t) see our relationship with
ourselves, with other people, and with society and the universe.
Yes, we exist here and now, but we do not exist alone.
Each one of us exist within a web of connections.
That web ties us from the past to the future and to
everyone alive right now. To give an example, I exist.
but my web of connections extend far. I have my immediate
family, wife and daughter (not to mention 2 cats)
but I also have my family of sisters and brother, mother,
stepfather, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles,
That web travels far and wide. There are entire towns in
wisconsin that are made up of people I am related to.
But my connections go further, I exist as a part of a
group/groups of like minded people. My friends,
but more then that, I am part of a connection with
liberals, democrats, people who have certain political
beliefs, but I have connections with people who share my
views on god (atheism) and a connection with sports
fanatics. Now along with these connections, I have
a connection to the past. I exist today, my very being is
because of connections. One of my (many) ancestors is
William jennings bryant, and william cullen Bryant and
thousands of others who I am related to. And in those
thousands of people, you are related to me. Your great
aunt married my great uncle and we exist as part of the
human chain. But we are not only related to each other,
we are part of the planet earth. We are her children.
We do not exist independently of earth. We don’t somehow
float separate from earth, we exist directly because of the earth.
The air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink,
they do not somehow come miracleously from some
wishing well. They come from the earth.
We have a relationship with the earth. As long as it
exist, we exist. When the earth stops, so do we.
And to be honest, we need the earth far more then it
needs us. We have this web of connections from past
to present and between every single human being.
Because like it or not, we, you and me, we are family.
Not in the hokey, “we are family” vein, but in a direct
genetic way. My ancestors are your ancestors.
My past is your past and your past is my past.
And how does the future fit into this?

The past and present combine to create the future.
The simplest way to think of it is, we have an estate,
like many people we want to hand our estate over to our
children, we worked hard and we want them to benefit,
but what kind of estate are we giving them? Now replace
the word estate with the word earth. Global warming is important
because what kind of estate (earth) would we be giving our children
if we damage the environment we live in. For example,
I have a house I want my daughter in inherit, but what if I
do damage to the house before she gets it. What if I make
the house unlivable? What kind of inheritance is that?
A crappy damaged house. What kind of inheritance would
a crappy damaged earth be? If I want the best for her, I would
want to give her the best earth I could give her, just as
I would want to give her the best inheritance I could give her.
We are not renters on planet earth, we are homeowners.
We own the earth and as homeowners wouldn’t you want
to make improvement to the property to improve the
investment. The property is earth and wouldn’t you want
to improve your investment in earth? It is a total win-win
every time we improve the earth. We win and our children
win. So global warming must be taken seriously because
it damages our investment in earth and damages our
children inheritance. Understand your connections,
truly understand your connections and you will see
why it is important to keep earth in good shape.
It is our legacy to our children. Between the past and the future,
stands us. Without good choices from us, the future
is far worse off and our children lives are far worse off.
So what is our duty, what is my duty as a father to
my child? And what is your duty to your children?



no, I only want to kill those who try to force me into doing things that they want me to do. religious fanatics, political fanatics, it makes no difference. the revolution is against the left wing revolutionaries.


no, I only want to kill those who try to force me into doing things that they want me to do. religious fanatics, political fanatics, it makes no difference. the revolution is against the left wing revolutionaries."

K: leave it to you to totally miss my point.
But I am not surprise. You are fixated on your
theology, priest. A man of faith is one
who lives in the shadow of the world because
reality is too painful.


a political slave for the commune and good of everyone is a still a slave


By that standard a faithless man is one who wallows in pity and sorrow instead of hoping.

Hum, there were only 9 to 13 of 90 or so scientists who endorsed Gore’s film.

Thirty years ago many scientists were concerned that the earth was cooling and we would all freeze to death.

As a child I remember 110 degree days and daily, summer smog alerts. The smog is still terrible in SoCal, but not as bad as during the 60’s.

London was a huge mess from coal burning fireplace, hum, back in the 50’s, I could be wrong on the date.

There are enviornmental problems, the oceans are becoming polluted with raw sewage being dumped in them four miles off shore.

The point is, humans are becoming aware of the damage, and are taking steps to clean up our mess.

Not a scientist, unsure.

Much of what politicians claim is for their own purposes. Scientists do the same to fund reasearch and keep the paycheck coming.

With regards,


Also, it is important that humans/enviornmentalist know what they are doing.

Many of the fires in Souther California mountains have been blamed on environmentalists preventing cutting down trees. Too many trees, not enough water, bark beetles investations, and BOOM, a huge fire.

Scientists need to know and understand what the possible negative reaction nature may have regarding their policies.

We need to periodically have controlled fires in SoCal as well. This provides nutrients, and clears dried brush. There is a plant here that actually explodes and ignites fires. Natures way of clearing the brush.

Hum, but the smoke further pollutes the air.

Then there is the huge problem of thousands of rainforest acres dialy cut down for ranches and farms.

Many claim they are the earth’s lungs, but I haven’t researched this.

Anyone really know regarding the problems.

With regards,


The AP contacted over 100 scientist, ask them if they
had seen “An inconvenient truth” of those 100, only
19 had seen the film or read the book. As good scientist,
those who did not see the film or read the book did not and
COULD not comment on something they haven’t seen, and
so they did not respond, which is good. It means they
did not comment on something they did not see. That
is good science. Now of those 19 who did see the movie, they
were the ones who commented on the science of gore’s film.
And to a person, the 19 scientist who job is actually environmental
science, agree that gore’s science was right on. 19 people
who actually know what they are talking about, agreed that
gore got the science is right. Now there may be
other scientist who have not seen the film who might disagree
with the science, but they haven’t come forward yet because
they haven’t seen the film.

That is the point, those who actually know the science and
have seen the film agree that the film’s science is right.


Hey Imp,

ummm, does that include right wing neo-cons? :laughing:

you bet!



I don’t know what you want, we have computer models that predict patterns, and then we observe these patterns occuring. Reasoning doesn’t get much more sound than that.

Fact: Greenhouse gases trap infrared radiation
Fact: Trapped infrared radiation warms the earth
Fact: The earth is warming
Fact: Humans produce greenhouse gases that wouldn’t be produced otherwise
Fact: Certain Greenhouse gases have increased by 25 percent since industrialization began

Only reasonable conclusion: Humans are causing global warming.

Conservatives are hardly in a position to talk about honesty. My intentions are to take money from the (super-)rich and give it to the poor, that is the position of most liberals. What’s not honest about it?

The revolution is inevitable, your thought is dying. Hold onto your realism, you citizen of the last hegemon, soon that will be all you have.

What point? That the relationship of the individual to the individual shouldn’t be confused for the relationship of the government to the individual?

I don’t have to place myself anywhere, society did it for me. I didn’t get into college solely because of hard work and merit, anymore than Bush jr./Clinton ect. became president because of hardwork and merit. Concequently my above average salary, upon graduation, won’t be purely because of hard work and merit. What’s the point you’re asking yourself…I not only recognize that society put others at a disadvantage through no fault of their own, I recognize that society put me at an unfair advantage through no fault of my own.

Global warming is a VERY small problem.

Think of it this way:

How much worries are there about mad-cow vs HIV?
1 is way less a problem then the other.
It’s all about misteria.

What I’m worried about is how low the population of fish is going in the ocean, destruction of coral riefs, wasting of freshwater, over-farming destrying fertile land, over-poluting environment = cause of more cancers, etc.

There should be stricter health protocalls on the food industries. Almost anything you could buy to eat today is either unhealthy or slightly toxic. That’s the problem, food is a capitalist money-making-machine today.

Don’t talk nonsense, please.

abt global warming.

20 years, sea levels go up 0.5cm. temperatures go up 0.2c
My memory is imperfect, but from what I’ve read the changes have been very slight. There are much larger problems today.

One REAL problem I see is the weakening of government. Places like USA are becoming corrupt plutocracies. It’s not “for and from the people”, it’s
“For and from the ritch-upper-class”.

It’s a simple fact that a nation’s economy controls the nation. Who controls the economy? Sock-puppet representative democrats don’t have as much power as they seem to. The persons in control of the economies, the corporates, these are the ones who have the control.
But the problem is when they start to bipass laws & common interests.

If government was strong enough, it could control and minimize all sorts of corruptions & root out which ever big issues existed.

then ease your guilty conscious yourself. don’t steal everyone elses stuff to do it. but you are still in school listening to the socialist garbage that your professors are making you regurgitate. when you get out into the real world and actually start working, you’ll change your tune.