Aleister, our Pal


This one is for Crowley. Woo-hoo.

Wheres me cheerleader honeys.
Wheres me spermcake.



He was called both the wickedest man alive and the only man alive.


This is the topic of a study we are about to unfold.

First though let me enjoy this afternoon.


This is the second time I’ve seen the phrase ‘sperm biscuit’ at ILP. I don’t know what to do with that fact, but in the interim we might ask how one would go about preparing a sperm biscuit. Most importantly, the question of how one would obtain the ingredient and how/when it would be added during the preparation process.

Indeed. Indeed indeed, weighty matters to consider here.

FIRST the first things, however.

Whoever gets no tingle in the dough department here is not infected with the same madness as sr. Aleister.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.40.11 PM.png

Aleister Crowley is George W Bush’s grandpappy.

Dear Sir!

In receipt of Your letter, dated today, been busy not doing much about a thing, will decode said mentioned items.

Three copies noted, price reasonably insufficient from our accountant’s lack of nod, went up to 0:3:0 , but shift to 0:0: 2 if negotiable.

Nevertheless with further ado,

Your kind servant,

Obscurantly Yours, :J

Dearest of sirs.

I have received your letterhead in good standing and your letter itself was consumed by the dog, not Mimi’s darling Cerberus but his uncle. So you can rest assured of 0:0:2.
The copies you have investigated for reading are pepped as we speak, they can be put in the mail without warning.

I furthermore agree that 0:0:3, sincerely,

Just a regular biscuit with sperm on it.

It’s used to haze frat boys. They all circle jerk into a taco (sometimes a biscuit) and then have to take a bite out of the collective sperm of 12 dudes.

And then you get to be president! Go figure!

You guys are really expert at this subject. I thought it may mean something you do to dough, spike it with semen, before you bake a cake.

Hello Friends! 93, 93/93 this fine morning.
Here is a small bit of encouragement for you, stars.

unknown-3.png … tzaddi.pdf

93 then, 93/93.

Here is a list of mainly youtube links from an occult lodge hosted by The Blackest Brother, which is being cleaned up and being moved to less scrutable places.
Plundering and harvesting…

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Love is the law, love under will.

The Doors gathered around Crowley totem.png

Here’s to letters and sand, fortresses and unannounced mornings. To misunderstanding and order, to east, west and to a stray balloon.

A.C. played as visionary as well as participant an important role in the development of the 20th century Occident.
As magician & master of illusions, he had obviously little problem to hide his influence from the collective perspectives.

Anyone curious or in need of change of perspective may check his works

many are available as free PDF downloads

I want u to know Mr. Crowley ate sperm biscuits. you think about that for a while young man.

Do what thy will and sperm on thy biscuit

You’re so fascinated with that, like Turd. I think you should eat each others spermcakes. Maybe even each others turds? Surpass the great master.

By the way, Crowley worked to get the Americans into WWII while working for MI6 in the US under the identity of a German newspaperman. He published outrageously nationalistic and antisemitic rants to draw the attention to the foulness of something many Americans were actually in favor of.

I guess Pearl Harbor kind of made a bit of moot out of his efforts, though they still might have helped to push the balance, as even after the attack many Americans didn’t want anything to do with attacking Germany.