All about Movies...

Since there has been talk of quite a few movies lately, I thought that maybe we should devote a whole thread to them. Wherein, they could be talked about, rated, ranted, and so on. It is also the place to speak of your favorite movies of all time, as well as, the worst movies you have seen.

Having said that, I will begin.

My favorite movie of all time: The Matrix
Genre: Sci-Fi

It is mostly my favorite movie because it succeeds in doing what, in my opinion, movies are suppose to do. Take you away from your own reality in as convincing a way as possible. This isn’t the only criteria for loving the movie, but it is this criteria that I find is least talked about, but important in noticing it in the movie.

About a week ago, two of my friends and I went to the International Film Festival where we saw ‘Saving the Green Planet’ which was the weirdest film I have ever seen. The first 45 minutes or so had me ripping my hair out, wondering what the hell I was doing watching such a dumb movie, wondering why the hell I paid to see this. But after that, I found that the movie came full circle and portrayed the most surprising twist I have ever seen in any one movie. One other thing that was great about the movie is that it was extremely emotional. Not in the sense of sad, or romantic, or inspiring…but all of these and more. Heck, when I walked out of the theatre with my friends I felt like I just had an hour work-out even though I was sitting the whole time. It was a roller-coaster of emotions. I went through so many emotions, at such a high level, that it literally left me tired.

Another movie I saw a few days ago, and had great expectations for, was the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’. Which came as a huge disappointment. It’s suppose to be the third installment of the El Mariachi movies, but it was so Americanized, so Hollywood pumped full of steroids that it failed to perform where it mattered most. I almost hated the movie. But in the end it left me feeling indifferent.

Just last night, I took myself out to see Underworld. I didn’t have great expectations for this movie, I had visited the main website of the movie, as well as having read a review and seen an interview with Kate Beckinsale (whom I find very attractive). I couldn’t imagine how they could make a plot line out of Werewolves and Vampires having a war. I expected nothing but senseless violence, unfathomable physical impossibilities in the fights, and long and drown out histories and policies for the two species. But it turned out to have a good mix of everything - without over-doing it on anything (in my opinion). I really enjoyed the movie and even found myself feeling inspired with an adrenaline rush going on the drive home.

What’s your take?

— I tend to like movies about human potential. one of my favorite is “forest gump”. I dislike a lot of movies due to the special effects, lack of a plot, “pumped full of steroids” as you say. I am seriously considering watching independent films or something. Art is dead.

Star Wars - is my favorite blockbuster to watch the whole way through. Now though, it is coming under some good competion from The Matrix & Lord of the Rings Well, depending on how good the last films of them are. please let them be good

Who do you think will win the most oscars this year between the two? when they both release there finally.

There was a film i need the name off, ill try’n explain it as it was one of those films that really made me think-: It was about a cop out in the desert. he had
one companion and they basically just pulled people over. It was set-in around the 70’s maybe early 80’s - anyways, the man character was short for a cop and southernish and in the end he got killed by these hippies he had been nice to once when they pulled them over. I just dont remember the name of the film.

Im also a avid fan of cult film’s (like on outthere on CH5)

it’s all about ‘some like it hot’. i thought the matrix was a bit gimicky, but cool. i wouldn’t say it was the best film of all time - there are definately some with a lot more imagination out there.

louise stated:

Please don’t take any of this to mean that I am hurt by your words, or that I must convince you that the Matrix is the best movie all time or anything, I respect your opinion that it is not; but I am curious to know what movies you think have more imagination than Matrix?

What’s your take?

[size=150]Star Wars
Twelve Monkeys
Usual Suspects
ScarFace / Godfather Trilogy
Cruel Intentions
Star Wars!!!
of course the [size=150] Matrix [/size] ( I named my daughter after Trinity )
Muholland Drive
[/size]has to be the deepest movie I have seen in the last three years!!! Magius, Marshall, Obscure, and all the rest of you… I highly recommend for you guys to pick up this movie immediatly. It is a cinematic trip.

I saw the usual suspects, it Rocked. I like twisting turning plots, like the one in Gorky park.

Time bandits has more imagination than the Matrix. Any Monty Python film. Donny Darko, that was a mind twister. Star wars, now there’s a concept. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, that was absolutely phenomenally imaginative, remembering that all D&D/Warhammer/all fantasy books are all based on his writing. What about the fifth element? And those are just ones off the top of my head.

The Matrix was an inevitability of the system :wink:. It was always going to happen, it’s just a combination of themes from anime/cyberpunk and the old philosophy conundrum, what if we were a brain in a jar? Amazingly fantastic and clever, but it was an inevitability.

You mean you don’t? If you prefer story driven films as you suggest the independents are where you will find them. May I recommend some particularly good films which are plot driven, mainly oldies but these ones stick out in my head.

Run Lola Run (German, subtitled, absolutely fantastic)
La Haine (French, again subtitled, kind of french version of trainspotting)
The Wickerman (reminded of this as it was on the other night, it’s a British cult classic, looks old but the story and acting are superb).
City of God (or something like that, Spanish?, subtitled, about some S.American city ripped apart by crime, I watched it and was amazed, all non-pro actors but the best piece of cinema I’ve seen for years, absolutely compelling storyline, v.complicated though)

Back to the topic, one of my favourite films of time, and I’m not going to say it’s my top of tops as many are jostling for position, is Withnail and I, that is truely superb, and especially great to do a drinking game along with it for you students out there.

I have a hate/love relationship with Hollywood, I love some of its films but I hate its stranglehold grip on the worldwide film industry, how it kills any competition with a sheer laziness it sinks me into despair. The Uk finally had a burgeoning movie industry starting again (film four) and it just died after two or three flops, which I think is a terrible shame as we are now being force fed rubbish and propoganda from America otherwise we wouldn’t have any cinema to watch.

I’m going to have a rant about hollywood now, but it shall be residing in the Rant House.

Run Lola, Run was great! I suggest this movie as well

I’m trying to remember what Muholland drive was about, I just remember some friends and I watching it and we universlly thought it was terrible, though everyone else said the director’s previous film was superb (something like Blue velvet ??? it was blue something anyway, haven’t seen it myself).

I know it was quite bizarre though, I think I thought it just dragged a lot of the time. Perhaps it was the mood we were all in.

Apart from that most of the films you mentioned I love, though I haven’t seen Pi or SpaceBalls.

p.s. What is going on with your XXIEntertainments webpage, I almost choked from laughing into my tea when I saw that picture and the comment underneath, “this isn’t a pic of them, they’re white, Jen is Italian and Dubz is black”. lol :laughing: And yes, I know, I’m english, drinking Tea. I’ve lost my bowler hat though.

Thanx Matt for checking that out. I know nothing about web pages, so I’m sort of trying different things out and realizing that it isn’t going to work.

Spaceballs is a parody of Star Trek and Star Wars. Its a comedy. BTW I loved Finding Nemo. Awesome.

Pi the movie, all you have to do is punch it into a search engine. It is about a mathematical genius.

Now about Muholland drive. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but I had to contact some of the people involved in the movie. My girlfriends mom has a lot of connections in Hollywood, so I got in contact, through email, with David Lynch’s something. I don’t know what this lady does, but she sent a ‘philosophical treatise’ on Mullohand Drive. It kind of explained the fucked up things that David Lynch did with that movie. All I have to say is that the last twenty minutes of the movie is what really happens. The first hour and forty minutes is a dream! David Lynch has no concept of time when he wrote it. I thought it was awesome, but it could leave you messed up in the brain if you think that it would be a regular movie when you see it.

Here is the response email she sent to me after I thanked her for explaining the movie to me:

Thanks a googolplex Smooth and Matt. I’m new to this independent film thing but it is definitely the direction i want to move in. I know i can get these titles off the net, but do you think they’d be available at my local blockbusters if i look hard enough?

In England you can request movies at blockbusters and they’ll get them in for you from a central depot, though how many independants they have I don’t know. Check if you can do that. Some of the older ones like Wickerman they probably won’t have. That city of God one I mentioned is a new release, got a few awards, I’ll check the title wioth my friends but I’d be surprised if you can’t get that in your blockbusters as it was in the charts of our for a little bit (which are a big con as the charts have movies in them which haven’t been released yet, so why call them charts???).

I also just remembered two more fantastic films I love, Equilibrium and Nikita (original french version of The Assassin, a hollwood remake. The original is amazing if brutal). And Leon! Now there’s a film and a half. Oh and Killing Zoe. Man there are so many fantastic films out there and so few of them are Hollywood ones. Though the last three I mentioned are all really action films rather than human films, but the beauty of those films is that there’s a human story mixed with action which Hollywood generally seems incapable of doing, apart from the Matrix.

Smooth, I do vaguely remember it now, maybe I’ll make a point of watching it again when it gets to terrestial television over here.

Someone should really turn Socrates life into a movie. I would love to see that.

You guys are forgetting the greatest movie ever - Pulp Fiction.

And Pi is a great movie, will get you feeling weird in the back of the neck though.

Did anyone see the final Matrix? What a load of crap that was.

Pi’s ending is something I would like to discuss. I didn’t understand how he could have … … … well you know. I don’t want to ruin it for those that haven’t.

It’s the scientific outlook of each portion of the brain controlling certain functions, such as his innate obsession with mathematical equations. Like many philosophers may soon feel the complexities of life too great to decipher, and the urge to make sense of it too great, thus resulting in a painful life of too many questions and too few answers. Why can’t we just be cavemen and hunt deer and mate with our women? So he did what he did, and when the girl asks what the equation is, he really doesn’t know, and can stare at that tree overtop without calculating the number of leaves and factoring the wind’s current with gravity’s hold …

He can just enjoy.

About Pulp Fiction, someone told me a theory that what is in Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase was his soul. He’d made a deal with the devil, resulting in him being “the man”, and that’s why the code on the case was 666, and the devil took his soul from the back of his neck, where he has the bandaid on. He somehow gets his soul back from the devil, thus screwing the Devil over, and days later he is raped in the ass by some hick police. There’s much more to the movie than most think, as even Travolta blowing that guys head off “accidentally” has theological implications. Think about the situation and the question asked of him right before it happened, and what was his response? God didn’t stop that bullet …

I finally saw good will hunting. I liked it. It had a lot of important themes that movies ought to portray more. Like the sole genius in society, child abuse, and the like

Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies.
the other day I went to watch this new movie called ‘Big Fish’
I have to say I was tempted to walk out of the place in the middle of the show but stayed for the heck of it. Towards the end it turned out to be a really nice movie. it left me feeling good. its rated PG but I don’t think kids would get the meaning behind it or appreciate it.

I liked that movie so much. did you notice how when he was saying goodbye to her ‘i lost count of which goodbye it was’ but she was at the back of the bus and made the peace sign with her two fingers, he held up his hand with a peace as well but also did it with his lowered arm???

amazing details !!