Almost every problem comes from selfishness and fear.

Have you noticed that every problem (apart from earthquakes, illnesses, viruses, a tree falling on your head, etc.) begins with selfishness? Wars, murders, rapes, relationship breakups, dictatorships, psychological or phisical violence, all come from selfishness. People kill not because they hate you but because their pleasure comes first. Even arrogance and hypocrisy come from selfishness. But at the same time I have got the feeling that selfishness comes from fear.
When I say selfishness I mean only the bad kind, “greed” in other words, I am not talking about the positive kind, the self-defence or self-respect. We have to love ourselves otherwise we can’t even help the others.
For example, you kill for money? That’s because you are selfish, therefore you are afraid of being poor. You kill for fun? You are selfish therefore you are afraid of being bored. You steal? Selfish and you are afraid of poverty again. You rape? Selfish because your pleasure is your priority therefore you are afraid of being bored again.
If somebody kills you because of drugs, mental illness alcohol etc, they can be partly responsible for that, it depends on the single case, and in certain cases of mental illness it might be an accident, just like a tree falling on your head, but I am not going to generalise of course.
Being rude or offensive? It depends on many things: genes, education, life events. If your parents taught you that being rude it’s a normal thing you will end up being rude considering it a normal thing. But if you are being rude it’s because you are afraid of other people or animals being rude to you. If you have the guarantee that every human, lion, tiger, shark, mosquito is your friend, would you have any reason to be afraid of them? No. But since we don’t have such a guarantee we might overract to anything, and use our rudeness to protect ourselves, justifying the use of it.
Relationship breakups? They can come from problems arising from changes in appearance, mood etc. If you breakup with your partner because he became crazy, violent, lost his legs etc, he might become a burden for you, you can’t help yourself and you can’t even help him/her, and if you break up you are not being selfish, you are just doing the right thing, again, generalizing it’s always wrong, it’s too easy to judge from the outside, it depends on the single case.
Share your view.

If I say I have no friends, it does not mean that I have enemies. If I say that I have no enemies, it does not mean that everybody is a friend to me. So, how can you understand the state of being where you have neither friends nor enemies? Why do we have to think in opposites? It’s a more natural state not to think in opposites. Where do these artificial actions of thought come from?

Most of the time we can say we really have nothing to complain about and there is really no problem with our present life (considering we have all of our basic needs where other less fortunates do not). Yet for thought there seems to be a problem due to its inability to come to terms with life as it is.

I could agree with you more if you hadn’t left out “earthquakes, illnesses, viruses, a tree falling on your head”. Those are far more due to selfishness than you think.

But then what are you proposing? Non-selfishness? Altruism?

I grant you that there really is a balance, but how are you going to get there from here?


It’s all about trying to agree as much as possible doing practical examples and not doing generalizations.

well, I’m all for seeking agreement BEFORE critical sabotage. :mrgreen:

But still, are you suggesting that famous premise, “Let’s just all…”… get along; be giving and altruistic?

Fear that is not acknowledged and looked into, felt and dealt with, that can be an issue.
There is no problem with fear. But there are big problems caused by acting on fear without acknowledging fear and by denying fear.

Fear and selfishness are innate traits required to navigate our existence on this rock. Thousands of years of evolution isn’t going to be halted in one or two generations.

I agree.

What if you are ultimately selfish but you consider yourself to be everything?

I agree with some of what you say, mu, but not all. I believe fear is our dominant emotion and that selfishness is a product of fear, but I also think there are subsets within the headings you presented. War, for example, can be based on fear, but I’d suggest egoism rather than selfishness as the secondary emotion. Egoism also involves fear–but it can be extended to encompass Nationalism–a country’s egoism–whereas selfishness is more individual.

It’s been shown that rape is more of a ‘mastering’ crime than it is a ‘pleasure’ crime. The rapist needs to ‘control’ his/her victim and debase them rather than get any sexual pleasure out of the act. Which is my lead-in to some of the other crimes you’ve mentioned: theft and robbery, and their more sophisticated brother–fraud. There are people who get a rush out of the fear (of being caught) they experience. If they carry weapons during their acts, the weapons give them power over their victims, which is also a rush. The sophisticated thief–the ponzi schemers, the scam artists, imm, get pleasure in ‘putting’ something ‘over’ on otherwise intelligent people. The victims are the fearful and the selfish.

Drugs and alcohol cause deaths, certainly, but drug related deaths are usually from overdosing while alcohol related deaths are most often the result of driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If the users ‘only use’ the drug/alcohol ‘recreationally,’ they should be held accountable for their actions–they had a choice.

But there really are alcoholics and drug users who have a physical addiction to their ‘drug of choice.’ That’s an illness and one that’s sometimes impossible to cure. Which leads me into a final subject–mental illness. Mental illness can be anything from a mild phobia (fear of heights, water, crowds, etc.) to diagnosed psychotic behavior. PTSD is a form of mental illness, but PTSD victims are more prone to harm themselves than they are to harm other people. Television shows make a lot of hooplah about how mentally ill people can kill because of their psychoses, but they also make a lot of money with those story lines. Again, the danger with mentally ill people is that they’ll harm themselves rather than another.

But, there are some violent criminals who, although not mentally ill, have ‘something’ missing within their brain physiology–and not just a lack of certain brain chemicals. These people feel no fear whatsoever.

So, while I agree with you that selfishness often derives from fear and that fear is the basic emotion, I don’t agree, totally, that all, or even most, crimes or ‘problems’ stem from selfishness.

Plus, Fent was correct when he said:

Because fear and selfishness contributes to the common good, why want to change them?

However, I’m sure you’d rather discuss how fear and selfishness can lead to ‘problems’ in life and not about criminals. :smiley:

i don’t know if this is true, overpopulation came from loving too much many children, i think sometimes to much activity of all kinds, happy and sad can be to blame.

I’m sorry but how is rape more of a mastering crime than it is a pleasuer crime? One tries to “master” another because it “pleasures” them to do it.

NM I guess you meant its more about pleasure by mastering then pleasure by sex?

Fear is a response, not a trait. Behaviour in dealing with fear can be learnt in a matter of hours, days, weeks. Selfishness may be an evolved trait, but if it is then so is altruism.

Look at how life in the west has changed in the last century - the role of the family and community, the nature of friendships, the reduction in social pressure as a motivating factor - I think a couple of generations is probably enough. I think technology is more up to the job than philosophy, though.

If “pleasure comes first” means selfishness, then our entire species is born from selfishness. Which is not so strange, since organic life survives and evolves by looking out for itself as best as it can. Also love comes from selfishness - and yes even love can be a problem.

If we would all stop being selfish, we would die out, and there would be no more problem! O:)

Seems to me the only way to attain a seeming-at-least form of selflessness without dieing out, is to consider “yourself” to be everyone, or everything, and then be selfish. In that case your kinda being selfish and selfless at the same time…

that’s why when I say selfishness I mean only the bad kind, “greed” in other words, I am not talking about the positive kind, the self-defence or self-respect. We have to love ourselves otherwise we can’t even help the others.

Seems to me to be the only way of looking at it without making enormous mistakes. “all is one and fuck the rest”.

Lol, of course in reality that suggests that there is no “rest” to fuck.

Precisely. There’ll of course still be a bunch of egoists who think that they’re all isolated. All that’s left to fuck is their illusion.