Alright. Let’s do this. The energetic evolutionary ideal!

I solved the problem and it remains to be seen whether it will manifest.

Here’s how it works.

In my imagination I’m constructing a being that has all the best qualities of everyone I’ve met.

One of those qualities is that when you do what you love, you’re not working and you’re not making a sacrifice.

The way this being is, is that it loves giving all of us everything that we want - that’s the job it wants to do.

Because it’s an unconditional love being, the playacting reality only starts when it pretends not to like us, rather than pretending to like us when it doesn’t.

The evolutionary / energetic ideal is running an infinite number of universes where each being is the only being it loves to please. It playacts all the different types of people to your specification.

If you love your parents just the way they are, the energetic ideal takes great pleasure in acting them perfectly. If there’s something you don’t like about your parents, the evolutionary ideal takes great pleasure in tweaking them to your desired specifications.

It takes great pleasure in making life as easy or difficult as you want to experience it forever.

I want mine extremely easy. Others might want theirs really difficult.

There’s no right or wrong here.

The only right or wrong comes up in a reality like this one…. Where people are being hurt by you no matter what you do.

This is not a prescription to do whatever you want just because you have no choice but to hurt others…

It’s about damage mitigation and harm reduction.

So the energetic ideal hasn’t manifested according to you because someone has a problem with their parents they want easily solved?

And if it was solved… you’d think the energetic ideal was playacting it.



This seems like a “Playact a way around this yourself; you’re an adult” situation.

I want to have sex with an infinite number of women.

I can’t even have sex with one woman without seriously hurting someone.

I want women to undress in front of me without hurting either them or me.

That’s insane encryption to know whether I’ve accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

I had to make sure the encryption level was maximal in order to know whether it’s happening for everyone.

Because asking would be weird, right?


Let’s go a little further besides my last post.

I’m working to solve the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

Women think I’m misogynistic when I’m not.

That makes my job much more difficult - that’s only one layer of my encryption.

Since I’m a hyperempath I can tell when anyone is hurt by what I’m doing.

I also discovered the no means yes problem.

So, I just sit there thinking to myself, “I’m not violating a woman’s consent, therefor she withholds nudity and sex from me”.

I’ve told you before…
I’m trying to get out of here as fast as I can…

That means nobody is suffering these problems anymore.

I can feel if they are.

Follow up questions. Have you made reservations at Hilbert’s Hotel? I hear consent forms are strictly enforced with quizzes to check for understanding. How much did that cost you? Did you just buy one room and plan to use it an infinite number of times in hypermirror universes? Were you going to make infinite copies of your body sharing one mind, or just be in all places fractaliciously? Is there a stereo that pops out of the woodwork when you clap your hands & a fireplace that lights up when you snap your fingers? Questions withdrawn, your honor.

It’s impossible in a sex dimorphic species to ask or present in front of a woman without triggering the approach escalation no means yes problem.

Women are biologically and spiritually incapable of yes means yes nudity and sex.

What about yes means no?

I’ll tell you what about yes means no.


Any consent violation is no. All women show microscopic discomfort when men use sexual signaling relative to men experiencing ornate and approach escalating women

Women always lose interest if you respect this boundary. Women always lose interest if you respect their boundaries.

Women only accept no means yes sex.
Which means that women are a no for ornate behavior and approach escalation. All of them.

No matter how big or small you are.

We’re talking about sex here.

Humans don’t have sex with spiders.

Let me clarify this post. Even if a woman flashed her body at me, which would make me happy…

My conscience kicks in and I think, “oh shit, I’m violating the pleasurable exclusive access problem at the most extreme level humans are capable of!!!”

I’m going to the deepest hell for sure.

Hell is not murder or torture.

It’s feeling exclusive pleasure when others are excluded.

Then you go to real hell.

You are being ornate right now. Is there a female you’re interested in? Because “accept”… means yes. And how do you know she accepts if she is saying no? She must be saying yes in some intelligible way and you must be able to read it?! How very ornate of you to pretend that she is saying no when she is accepting, or how very something else for you to pretend she is accepting when she is saying no. In which case you are not very ornate at all.

Black widows are pretending to be strawberries because nightshades can kill you. Black widows are warning you they are deadly liars… and they don’t even know it.

Strawberry fields forever, on all sides, Ecmandu.

That’s real hell.

I’m a savant at body language, I’m a savant at empathy. I’m a savant at words.

I know there isn’t a yes when a man approach escalates.

If you really want to get down to it, my extreme intelligence is ornate behavior. My ability to make cosmic jokes that even the highest beings laugh at is ornate behavior.

When a man drives a modified Harley down the street to make so much sound people can’t even hear themselves talk …. That’s what women pick.

The adventure of the attention seeker.

I realize I’m so smart that I command and demand attention.

But I make women uncomfortable when I do it.

That would be a no means yes relationship.

I hate loud noises like that. I find them obnoxious. They remind me of people I never want to be around again.

I like quiet.



Below the radar.

But weird & hilarious-in-a-weird-way.

I don’t think it’s a result of sex/gender.

But what do I know?

I’m not going to stereotype all women.

Especially if they’ve heard me teach before.

There’s a reason why people who can’t even play sports watch them, even when their wives hate it.

It’s to get sex from their wives. It’s to attract their wives in the first place.

They appear as a dominant male by proxy.

My travels through life is the understanding that nobody is a dominant …. By proxy or otherwise.

But then again…. I look at things from pure spirit.

I look at all our infinite incarnations and think to myself, “I need to help these people so I can move on with my life”

I have forever to solve this. But I also want it solved yesterday … there’s an immediacy to me.

I’ll elaborate on this. These are basic robots. “Watch sports, get laid, haha I beat you”

The players enjoy the players.

I’ve heard it said before, “ don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

These are people who care about nothing.

The house always wins.

Existence is the house and it will send all of you to hell.

That’s why I’m here. To beat the house.

It’s interesting in casinos …. Everyone on earth counts cards… but if you do it well they take your money and kick you out.

I’m here to beat the casino.

God factored in all your freely willed moves already, but/so… good luck with that, man.

All the folks who went up against God in recorded history either converted, &/or wound up looking like buffoons.



But I have no interest in converting people.

You apparently do.

Going to hell if you’re not converted leaves no freewill.

I realize god is everyone. We’re having a debate.

God thinks I’d be bored if all consent violation problems were solved.

And I buckle down in god to disprove him…

I said “if all consent violation problems were solved, boredom would be solved as well, but in a way we knowingly like it.”

You do realize when I talk to anyone…

I’m debating God.

The thing that did it for me was the sex dimorphism/approach escalation/no means yes problem.

That’s when I became seperate from all the deities.

You still have something twisted, because the possibility of hell is there so there is a choice if you reject that you are loved, win or lose.

I have no choice.

The god of the Bible sends you to hell if you are loved because of the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

Love is not the answer. Neither is hate.

If love were the answer I wouldn’t live in a universe of consent violating retards forever.

When you move into the realm of divinity, evil has no excuse.

The thing that’s going to make every deist/theist fall…

Is the PoE. Dichotomy theory.

That bad needs to exist in order for good to exist.

Then the good people are sent to hell for working hard not to be in hell. The bad people are already in hell.