Am I psychic?

Do you believe in clairvoyance? I never used to until I saw a psychic and she put the future in terms that surprised even me.

Then, I have had at least ten experiences that are so bizarre that points clearly to that sixth sense that I have thought all these years to be BS. I met a woman… I didn’t know her very well - I knew that her son had died in a plane crash years before and that was all I knew. One day, I was just hanging out at the house and was driven to call her to tell her I was thinking about her. Driven. I felt weird because I simply didn’t know her well enough to “just call.” Anyway, she answered the phone and sounded very sad. I told her of my vision that I needed to call and ask how she was. She burst into tears saying I was her gift that day. It was her son’s birthday.

Another one… a good friend’s mother was dying. I knew he was visiting her in Ohio but had no idea what state his mom was in, etc. I woke up with a start at 5AM… and couldn’t think of anything but him. Again, just driven. So, being the online freak I have become, I wrote him an email, saying “Are you okay?” She died 10 minutes after I pushed send.

This has happened to me all my life but fear saying anything because of the stares and laughter. I actually don’t believe in it myself, but can you imagine?

Coincidence or real psychic abilities? What do you think?

Yes, you are.

For anyone else reading this that has experienced anything similar these experiences are only going to continue to increase in frequency.

Learn from these events.

Do you know of any way to increase the frequency - so to speak?

(or are you just kidding me, OG?)

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After all the chitter chatter, knobs seems utterly wrong… just wrong. LOL

I know anyone reading this thinks I am a head case, but why does this keep happening?


(I did it for you darlin’) … 52#1817952
This goes through the proof of psychic phenomenon’s existence.

Nobody seems to have the patience to read it, and instead, it’s much faster and much easier to say:
“No, that’s not real, it’s all in your head.”

The visual based paradigm of “reality”, the worship of the 3dimensional eye-ball, is essentially: all human belief ever was…

I will read it Dan. I may be looked upon with disdain or laughter, but I know this to be true. Can I be honest with you? I have always known this to be true.

Data … yance.html


The idea of psychic powers is rooted in the belief that Aryans had special organs that allowed psychic powers. These organs were said to have been bred out of existence by mating with animal races (jews and such).


The search for psychic powers is an attempt to disprove the 19th century concept of devolution, that has become mindless tradition.


The number of ways that humans have invented to feel badly about the self and others is countless, as it is still growing.


Human on human hate pervades.

We both know psychic phenomenon is real. Old_Gobbo & The_Watcher also know thess things. We’re not alone, even if there are many who don’t believe.

People attack things which threaten their [false] sense of reality, only out of insecurity and arrogance. The reason why persons are so scared when they see a ghost is because the ghost’s literal existence shatters the person’s [false] sense of reality, and this exposes the fragil human mind to untold possability, untold danger, untold potential: so much “good” and “evil” that the imperialistic mind simply cannot “divide and conquer” it.

“Rooted”? Only a tiny minority of humanity thinks “Aryans” even exist.

I could explain why and how the dimensional layers of a body can reverse engineer physical laws after years of practice and gnosis, but I don’t want to right now… Too maticulus…

Was there any evidence of psychic phenomenon in the Bible? I am not talking about Jesus and the miracles or Old Testament burning bush stuff - but other experiences to back this notion?


Can you expound on the correlation between psychic powers and those feeling bad about themselves? I don’t get the tie. I also don’t get the Aryan issue and “animal races” (Wha?) :confused:

This was from your link. Is this not a prejudiced, archaic pov?




The above influenced Jung, who is embraced by pseudo-intellectuals.


See previous portent.

Also, why is it that there is so much cynicism to the idea of psychic abilities when many religions are based on these kind of paranormal ideas? The rising up of the body, the walking on water etc. etc. Is it because of the predudice and fear of the occult? Christians see these beliefs as blasphemous and Satanic, yet when you lay it out on the table, Christianity is filled with occult-like experiences that are commonplace to any ten year-old Methodist.

Basically no bible miracles can be proven to be “real” or “fake”.

I have read about pleanty of recorded instances of paranormal, throughout history, but I didn’t book-mark all of that, and it was the sort of thing which is witnessed by many people, but ignored by far more… Too hard to “understand”.

Psychic “power” is genetic/inborn.
Psychic “skill” is developed/learned.

Most of the time, the human mind filters out “junk” which does not partain to physical life. Clervoiance is “blocked-out” to literally prevent mind-control, for example.



Self hate:

Focusing on “powers” that are beyond the meat and fat abilities of the body indicate dissatisfaction.


Aryan psychics:

It was believed in the 19th century that humans started out at the pinnacle. Aryans (via Blavatsky) were believed to be pure vegetarian Tarzan-like beings with natural psychic powers. These powers were possible because of an organ that was in a sense a natural two-way radio.


Devolution, Aryans, and animal people:

Animal People:

Black people are an obvious example of an animal person, because of their gorilla-like appearance.

Jews: In real life, bones, in caves found in Isreal, were what appeared to be hybrids of human and Neanderthal. To some, this explained the short, fat/stocky, long-armed, round shouldered, hairy Jew. Drawing of Jews can be found like this from that time period.

Devolution occured due to mating with these sub-human races. Thus, the Aryan superpowers (normal for them) were lost.

Since this time, human have been becoming less human. This was the explanation for disease, substance abuse, and mental illness.


The above data led to Nazism.


See previous portent.

Related Data … tnG=Search

It’s odd that these phenomenon are often attributed to chance or personal psychic powers. I’d say God has amazing timing.


Kidding, right?



The data and portents are there to be seen.