Amazon: How often do you use it?

How often do you use Amazon?

  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • Once every 2-6 months
  • Once a year
  • Never
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Hey folks,

Straw poll. How often do you use Amazon? Is it primarily for books, music, dvds, other? ILP could become an Amazon affiliate which would be an easy and free way of getting some revenue in. If enough people from ILP use Amazon then I’ll sign us up.



Not very often, mostly for presents. And only if I can’t find them locally. I’m way too much of a space case while shopping and impulse buy too much to be an effective Amazon shopper.

if its easy and free, why are you even asking? :confused: why not just set one up and encourage us to use it?

Being a, doesn’t that mean that its range is in the UK solely ? I am not a subject of Her Majesty, the Queen, so I can’t say that I use it ever, on this account.


Apologies for the misleading country specific poll. I of course meant Amazon in general for all our users whatever country they are in :wink:

oreso, I could do but if no-one uses it then it’d be a waste of time non?

cheers for the replies,

  • ben

I use when I’m looking for a difficult to find book, as you guys always seem to have it. Also, many authors that I like are only published in Europe, so it’s great to have.

once a year (i live walking distance from a Barnes&Noble :smiley: )

That pretty much what I use it for.


I’ll be honest with you: I rarely use The Borders bookstore that is located a block away from where I live is far more convient. Plus there is no shipping fees that way.

However, If ILP ever, and I mean ever, gets into some dire straights, PM me and we’ll chat. I’m willing to help fund ILP if it ever becomes desperately necessary.

Of course, this is ONLY if ILP really is in need of financial help.

Also, why not simply encourage the members here to click on the banner adds on this site once or twice a day. Wouldn’t that help, or no? :confused: :wink:

It is illegal for us to ask or cooerce anyone into clicking the ads. They must do it of their own freewill.

ILP isn’t in dire straights, but Amazon is one of those things that if you’re going to buy a book anyway, might as well get Amazon to give us a few coppers (cents) for the privilege :smiley:

Cheers for the sentiment though BMW, always appreciated,

  • ben

I had a bad feeling this was going to be the case… :frowning:

//edited by Obw. Let’s not risk it mate!

I use amazon about once a month, though I’m currently locked in a temporary battle with them over their farcical Christmas delivery service…

Mainly I buy books and movies, though I occasionally buy cheap computer games. I like to keep my eye in as far as computer games go, but they aren’t for me the obsession that they are for so many.

well there was Angie Dickinson

and of course charlie’s crew…

and it is amazing what one can find

then again, some badges are bronze, not copper…

not to mention cream


Typical Britain - we’ve got a black coppers association, a female coppers association but no association for the white working class males that make up the vast majority of the police force…

On the other hand we also have institutional racism and sexism in the police force…


Yes, you must invite the vampire (or devil) into your house willingly. There are rules, you know.

And we can’t have any rule breaking now can we who knows what will happen then.

I’ve got a whole load of old books I don’t want anymore, maybe I could sell them myself. Benazon anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • ben

I don’t know I think I like e-ben.

I’d totally go for E-Ben.