Amazon: How often do you use it?

What would I sell on it? Signed copies of other people’s books?

  • ben

Just all your old stuff. Why not?

Benazon sounds like a cough medicine.

List your old books here, you can sell them to other ILPers I’m sure.

I recently discovered the wonder of Paypal so I’ll be donating some money to ILP once I’ve cleared the Christmas/birthday cheques. I’m assuming you don’t take book tokens or stamps…

I love amazon, in particular the feature to buy used copies of books. Nothing better than having an eye on a $29 volume, and see it’s available ‘used from $4.79.’

Also, since I’ve more or less exhausted the bookstore in terms of the books they perpetually keep in stock, it’s a great way to get my hands on those volumes that are out of print, rare, or simply unpopular.

Ok, I will create a proper page for it soon but for now, if you are going to buy anything from amazon, if you want a few coffers to come to ILP please use the following links:

For users: … hilosop-20

For users: … hilos0d-21

Or click here (UK)

Cheers for your responses, keep voting and commenting…

  • ben

I use the shit out of Amazon. They have a fantastic array of music & DVDs, including hard to find stuff. Shipping is nearly always free so long as you buy $25 or more. My typical order is $50 to $200 anyways.