America has completely lost the plot.

Uvalde school Parents cuffed, peppered, and tazered. … r3vazfsmww

Retards like you are dragging us down, a dead weight.

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One person’s drama, is another person’s calm…

One person’s ball & chain, is another person’s free…

One person’s free, is another person’s ball & chain…

One person’s this, is another person’s that… stat!

America is in a death struggle against the tyrants of the entire world. The media is a part of that.

And what you are told and believe is going on in America - isn’t was is going on in America.

in part, this thread and the answers to it
encapsulates what is wrong with America…

Did anyone here actually lay out how has America
lost the plot or offer us any possible answers?

No, they simple wrote out how America has lost the plot,
gave one example, and called it a day… and UR being
a completely useless human being didn’t even offer us that much…

Ok, America lost the “plot” and now what?

Are there other examples of America having lost the “plot?”

There is a whole thread waiting to be written about what
America losing the “plot” even means… What exactly does that mean?
What is the origins of “losing the plot?” How do we engage in this?
Is this even a bad thing? We don’t know…What possible answers do
we have that might help us to “right the ship?”

The question being raised is an important one… and it was treated
pretty badly… and given no real thought to the who, what,
when, where, why and how… or the merits of the question…

It was a lazy question with lazy answers…
but I am not even sure we can do any better and therein
lies the real problem… we are afraid of doing the actual
work of investigating questions and working out any
possible answers…


America is an immigration based country.

It was designed for and from the immigrants.

Why do you have access to Chinese Food ?
Isn’t it convenient?
You don’t need to go to China to get it.

Christianity is faith and conversion based.
They want to accomidate and control as many different
people as possible, no matter who they are or where they come from.