America: The Country with Many Blind Windows

American freedom is founded on the Gun
then your America
shall never be free without the Gun!
Britian is hardly free
You do not have the right to bear arms.
On the contrary,
We are so liberated,
The majority never or very rarely
have the desire to shot another citizen.
America: You Dumb Motherfucker.
The paradise of fools and lazyboys and gadgetries of sloth.
The learned ignorant attention deficit will not think calmly country.
The illiterate readers of multicoloured Advertisement Signs.
America you great tentacled octupi of British Empire mimicry
America your culture is a world apart: arms legs torsos heads.
America you light a stick of dynamite place is under your chair
and then sit down and switch on the television.
America your culture is deep inside your children
and they’ll betray you in it’s name.
America your stomach is rotten:Dyspeptic…
You also need your appendix removed.
America is not homogenous: it is host
of an entire petrie dish of cultures
festering as mould on a bread.
America your infrastructure
lacks an imagination.
Being to organised
You cannot freely move
onto another task entirely
having put all your will
into building previous walls.
America you live in such supersonic hyperspeed.
You do not know that you are already dead but,
forget that, the microwave bings: the waffle is ready
America: slow down: you are Alive.
Noone is trying to kill you.
America: you homicidal maniac.
You are spoiled
killing because the cookies were finished
killing only for more cookies.
killing the cookie monster on sesame street
because reality was no Mickey Mouse.
and where you prepared only for the cartoon.
What are you doing?
I’m trying to fix it.
America: I want candy.
America your Government is a family
See: nepotism.
See: the extent of corruption.
See: corporate fascism ala Mussolini.
America the country
with many blind windows.
I’ll have a frappuccino!

This poem…
Makes me want…
To not buy Pepsi!

But, I don’t buy Pepsi, in the first place.

We buy syrup sometimes.
Maple syrup.

Nationalism is a sick, sick joke.

I’m cured!